Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Card

Shine a light on the best dad you know with this super fun Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Card! I’m so excited about this idea for Father’s Day and I know the dads out there will be, too! We’ve included a Free Printable Flashlight Template, too.

Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Card main image.

This magic flashlight craft is a fun idea for many different reasons. You can make it superhero themed, make it a seek and find, or simply say Happy Father’s Day in a really unique way.

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Make Dad a Magic Flashlight Craft

To make our Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Card you will first need our flashlight template. Along with that you’ll need quart size ziploc baggies, cardstock in black, yellow, and the color of your choice for the flashlight.

Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Card craft supplies needed.

The rest of the supplies include a black sharpie, scissors, and a glue stick.

Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Craft Supplies Needed

  • Flashlight template
  • Ziploc baggies, quart size
  • Cardstock – black, yellow, and assorted colors
  • Black sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Magic Flashlight Card Step by Step Instructions

Begin with a full sheet of black cardstock.

Cut black cardstock to fit a quart size ziploc baggie.

Measure the black cardstock against the ziploc baggie and cut to fit.

Insert black card into baggie.

Insert the black cardstock inside the baggie.

Draw a message or design on the baggie with a black sharpie.

Draw your Happy Father’s Day design on the front of the baggie. If your baggie is like mine and has a label, use this as the back. This would be a great place to put the year and age of the kid to save.

Cut out the flashlight template with 2 of the flashlight shapes.

Next, cut out the pieces of the flashlight template. You will need 2 of the flashlight shapes cut from your choice of color. Cut the light from yellow cardstock.

Glue yellow light to flashlight shape.

Glue the light inside the flashlight.

Glue back of flashlight.

And glue the other flashlight to the back.

Add detail to flashlight with black sharpie.

Then, take the black marker and add some detail to the flashlight.

Insert flashlight above black card.

Move flashlight around to clearly see all of message.

Now, insert the flashlight into the baggie above the black card to clearly see your Happy Father’s Day message!

Father’s Day Magic Flashlight Cards.

So super fun! I’m truly so excited to give ours on Father’s Day!

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