Finding The Fun In Doing Things With The Kids

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Finding things for kids to do inside the house, especially during these difficult times, can be a challenge as kids get bored easily and they want to often go outdoors or do something adventurous. You can still have fun. There are plenty of toys for kids, including rc cars and an indoor sports game as well as plenty of crafts to enjoy.

Finding The Fun In Doing Things With The Kids
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    1. DIY Finger Puppets – If you have kids in the house then you probably have a few supplies around the house to make this one work. Get out all the supplies and start making fun and enjoyable puppets, different colors and styles and once they are all made, you could even create your own little play. Don’t hold back on the design, use glitter, paints and more and really be creative, this is a great way for kids to learn and then be entertained afterwards with their own fun and cute puppets. Crafts are fun!

    2. Indoor bowling set! – Everyone enjoys bowling and there is a way to do it at home without having to leave the house at all. You can buy a set online yourself or create some with paper bottles and cardboard and do it outside or in the house. You will need a ball to act as a bowling ball, and for the pins you can create them from used milk bottles (not glass of course).

    3. Make a fairy garden for display! – If you have a child who already collects little trinkets or small dolls and items then a fairy garden so cute and can be used afterwards also for the tooth fairy and even birthdays. Get a spare box and some paints and craft supplies and make it glittery and fun and this way it is a home for other toys and allows them to use their imagination.

    4. Baking and cooking – baking and cooking can be great life skills for kids to enjoy. It is a good life skill and it is really important that they can learn at a young age. It is a great way to bond with the kids and they can reap the reward. They could even help you make a recipe book of their favourite meals and it will make them feel grown up as well as independent.

Here are some other fun things to do during this time:

1. Hold an Indoor Treasure Hunt and hide and seek!
2. Create a Town with Cardboard and Paper.
3. Build a Fort with Blankets and Pillows.
4. Make a Home Cinema with DVDS and Home Movies.
5. Tidy Out the Playroom and Bedrooms.
6. Play Board Games to improve their skills.
7. Singing and learning an Instrument.

Get creative and start enjoying being indoors because there is plenty to do. Try and exercise too, skipping, sports, football, enjoy your time with the kids. Be sure that you eat well and allow kids the right amount of fresh air also. This will be beneficial for everyone involved. Start enjoying the simple things in life!

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