Fingerprint Giraffe Craft

Get ready to stretch up tall for this adorable Fingerprint Giraffe Craft! Cut and paste the pieces from our Free Giraffe Template, then use your fingerprints to form his brown spots.

fingerprint giraffe craft styled image on white background

Giraffes are such amazing creatures, aren’t they? So tall and lovely, with their necks reaching way up for the sky. Or at least for leaves off the trees. What better way to make this craft based on a unique creature that much more personal and unique than to add fingerprints!

fingerprint giraffe craft styled image on white background

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craft supplies needed for our giraffe

To make our Fingerprint Giraffe Craft you will need our Giraffe Template, construction paper in blue, yellow, and green, a brown marker, brown acrylic paint, medium or large googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make a Fingerprint Giraffe

Supplies needed:

  • Giraffe Template
  • Construction paper – yellow, blue, green
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Brown marker
  • Googly eyes, medium to large
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by printing the giraffe template. Trace on yellow paper then simply cut out. Or, make your fingerprint spots then cut out. For this demonstration, we’re pasting on the paper first, then making our spots.

giraffe template pieces

Cut the pieces from the template.

yellow paper giraffe neck glued on blue paper

Glue the neck in place first, against the bottom of the blue paper.

yellow paper giraffe head with ears glued

Now glue the ears behind the head, kind of off to the side.

yellow paper giraffe head with ears and horns glued

And glue the horns on top of the head. Then glue it all above the neck.

drawn mouth and nostrils on giraffe with brown marker

Now draw a curved line around the bottom ⅓ of the head. Also draw two nostrils and a simple mouth.

googly eyes on giraffe

Adhere googly eyes.

giraffe brown fingerprint spots

Then pour some brown paint and start using your fingerprints to make spots!

green paper leaf shapes

Once the giraffe is covered in spots, cut out a few simple leaf shapes from the green paper.

green paper leaf shapes glued on blue paper around giraffe

And glue the leaves around the edges of the paper.

two finished fingerprint giraffes

It’s fun to see how simply tilting their head and switching up their mouth and eyes just a bit can give different looks. Such a fun craft!

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fingerprint giraffe craft styled image on white background

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fingerprint giraffe craft pin image on white background


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