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Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft

The past few weeks around here have been a little crazy with a lot going on. There’s always time to celebrate spring, though, especially with a quick and fun craft like our Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft.

Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft main image.

Who’s a really big fan of fingerprint crafts? We are! We love using our little fingers for anything creative, and I try to come up with creative new ways to use them. Fingerprint flowers are fun, of course, but this time we made the flowers the easy part by simply gluing on paper flower embellishments then using our fingerprints for the leaves on the stem.

Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft styled image.

Make a Flower Card with Fingerprint Leaves

To make our Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft you will need paper flower embellishments. We used these found at Michaels.

Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft supplies needed.

The rest of the supplies include cardstock, a green marker, green acrylic paint, and glue.

Fingerprint Flower Leaves Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper flower embellishments
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Green marker
  • Cardstock – assorted colors
  • Glue

Fingerprint Flower Card Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by choosing your base cardstock color. We’ve used yellow, purple, and blue in our example.

Cut cardstock in half.

Cut the cardstock in half width-wise.

Draw stems with green marker.

Now, draw stems using the green marker coming from the bottom of the cardstock.

Glue flowers to top of stems.

Begin gluing the flowers to the top of the stems in varying heights.

Remove gem from center of flower embellishments.

Our flower embellishments came with pearls and gems in the middle. We wanted to layer the flowers, so we picked off the gems used on the bottom.

Layer flower embellishments.

Then glued more flowers on top of the first layer.

Dip fingertip in green paint.

Next, pour green paint in a palette or we also like to use paper plates. Dip a finger in the paint.

Press finger along stem to form leaves.

And begin pressing the fingertip along the stem to form leaves.

Fingerprint leaves on stem.

Continue along all the stems.

Fingerprint Leaves Flowers.

Such a pretty and simple spring craft! We always have time for that!

Fingerprint Leaves Flower Craft styled image.

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