Fingerprint Snowy Trees

When all else fails, we bust out the paint. These Fingerprint Snowy Trees are a stunning winter art idea, while also being an easy craft for everyone. All it takes is a little bit of cutting and a lot of fingerprints!

Fingerprint Snowy Trees main image

How are things looking where you’re at? Here, it’s snowy. The ground is covered. We were driving back from the store earlier and I couldn’t help but notice how everything was just so white. It’s quite beautiful, if slightly intimidating. And also great winter art inspiration.

Fingerprint Snowy Trees styled image on white background

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Fingerprint Snowy Trees supplies needed

To make our Fingerprint Snowy Trees Craft you will need cardstock, white acrylic paint, and scissors. 3 super easy supplies for a super simple craft!

Use Fingerprints to make Paper Snowy Trees

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock – assorted colors
  • White acrylic paint
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting the trees. These are really simple. To make them symmetrical, we folded a sheet of cardstock first. Then, about ½“ away from the fold make a cut up. From there, cut over and form a triangle.

cut trees

Now, unfold the tree shape. You can fold the opposite way to make sure the trees are flat again.

white fingerpaint snow on blue tree

white fingerprint snow on grey tree

Pour white acrylic paint on a flat surface. Dip your finger in the paint. And begin to make fingerprints across the trees.

snowy trees

Make sure you get the sides and top of the tree, where snow would fall.

fingerprint snowy trees

Continue with different colors of trees until you have enough for a snowy winter forest! So beautiful!

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Fingerprint Snowy Trees styled image on white background

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Fingerprint Snowy Trees pin image

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