Foam Sunglasses Craft

When it comes to summer sunshine, you’ve gotta wear shades. Design your own with our Foam Sunglasses Craft! An easy craft to cute, paste, and decorate using our Free Printable Sunglasses Template.

Foam Sunglasses Craft main image.

When my daughter was little, she had the cutest pair of pink and purple sunglasses that she would wear everywhere. I miss those sunglasses. This craft is inspired by those sunglasses, in all kinds of cute colors and styles.

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Make Your Own Foam Sunglasses

To make your own Foam Sunglasses Craft you will first need to print our sunglasses template.

Foam Sunglasses Craft supplies needed.

Aside from the template you will need craft foam sheets in assorted colors, permanent markers in assorted colors, brass fasteners, and scissors.

Foam Sunglasses Craft Supplies Needed

  • Sunglasses Template
  • Foam sheets – assorted colors
  • Permanent markers – assorted colors
  • Brass fasteners
  • Scissors

Foam Sunglasses Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by printing the sunglasses template. Make sure to cut out the lenses, too.

Trace template on foam sheets.

Now, trace the pieces of the sunglasses on the color foam sheets of your choice. Mix up the colors or keep it all one color. It’s up to you!

Cut out lenses.

Cut out the lenses.

Cut out temples.

And the temples of the sunglasses, too. Fun story, I actually googled the names of the parts of sunglasses.

Design the sunglasses with markers.

Then, decorate the sunglasses with markers. A word of caution, the markers may smear slightly until they dry. But they dry quickly, so just be careful when first drawing your design.

Insert brass fastener through hinge and temple.

Clasp brass fastener through hinge and temple.

Once designed, line up the end of a temple with the hinge part of the lenses. Insert a brass fastener through the foam sheets at the thickest part. Don’t worry, they’re really easy to insert without punching any starter holes, but an adult may need to help little ones.

Foam Sunglasses Craft.

Continue making more fun, colorful sunglasses! And yes, you can actually wear them!

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