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Fork Painted Hedgehog

Sometimes, the simplest crafts really are the best. And in the case of this Fork Painted Hedgehog Craft, the absolute cutest, too. With only paint, paper, and a black marker needed!

fork painted hedgehog craft main image

I love craft projects, or art projects, where there’s really very little way to mess up. They’re perfect for the littlest of hands. And who doesn’t love creating with paint, right?

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Fork painting, which adds some great texture, is one of our favorite ways to mix up art time. Put away the brush and see what you can create with a fork! You can take our colorful Fork Painted Ostrich, Furry Fork Painted Monster Hands, and our Fork Painted Flowers for further inspiration.

fork painted hedgehog craft supplies needed

To make our Fork Painted Hedgehog you will simply need white paper or cardstock, a black marker, acrylic paint in assorted colors, and a fork.

Paint a Hedgehog with a Fork

Supplies needed:

  • White cardstock
  • Black marker
  • Acrylic paint – assorted colors
  • Fork

Start by adding your colors of paint on a flat surface. A paper plate is great for this.

fork painting in oval shape

With a full sheet of white cardstock in front of you, begin loading a fork with paint. Then, in an oval shape covering as much paper as possible, begin painting. Be sure to leave the center of the oval unpainted!

fork painting

We used a couple different colors for each hedgehog to add interest and fun. The red hedgehog also has hints of orange and crimson while the blue we also added green and a darker blue. Use the tines of the fork to accentuate the hedgehog quills. Let the paint dry.

eyes and nose drawn with black marker

Once the paint is dry, take a black marker and make simple eyes and a dot nose in the unpainted part of the oval.

paws drawn with black marker

Then draw simple paws.

fork painted hedgehog craft

How adorable are these guys? And you can try making them in any color combination you can think of! A rainbow hedgehog would be really cute, too!

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fork painted hedgehog craft styled image on white background

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