Fun Ideas for Simple Family Activities

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These days, when we’re all spending more time at home and together as a family, it can be harder to find enjoyable activities to pass our time. But I’ve found over the months, however, that’s only true if you don’t look hard enough. In fact, there are so many fun simple family activities we can share together, even doing simple every day things.

First of all, we can craft something fun together. Crafting with kids is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, working on fine motor activities and using their creativity. In other words, they’re learning something while having fun, which is really the basis for most of life’s greatest enjoyments. And they have something nice to show for their hard work, too.

We’ve also been taking more neighborhood walks to get outside and our bodies moving around. Nature has an abundance of beautiful lessons to learn and visions to marvel. Kids are onto something when they dig through the dirt. It’s amazing under there. We also come up with games to play, recipes we can make together, and moments to garden.

Fun Ideas for Simple Family Activities

Even the simplest of activities, like watching television together, can be made into more than what it seems. It’s easy to come up with games to play while watching your favorite shows. For instance, how many of a certain item can you spot during the duration of a program. Or how many times do the characters repeat a certain often used word. Yell out every time you hear it or spot it.

You can also look through the credits and search on different names you find to learn about who is making your favorite show. Maybe they have some interesting facts you might enjoy. Maybe you’ll find out they like chocolate chip cookies just like you do. Or maybe you’ll find a new name who did some exciting things, like Sam Haskell. You can even learn about old favorites. There’s always something new to learn even about people like Zac Efron, Cole Sprouse, or even Clint Eastwood.

Then, if you just want to sit and relax together, there’s nothing like settling in with a favorite blanket, a bucket of popcorn or your favorite snack, and enjoying a new movie as a family. Make an occasion out of it and it will seem like something special, even if you’re doing nothing much more than searching through Netflix for the best family friendly movies. In a cheesy, but true statement, television really can bring us together.

So while it may seem daunting now that we’ve all been more confined these last few months, there’s still always something new to do, see, and learn as a family. You just sometimes have to look a little deeper and try a little harder. If nothing else, grab a tub of popcorn, your comfiest blankets, and settle in for a night of favorite television shows and new movies together. You simply can’t go wrong with that. It’s an activity to do as a family that never gets old, especially after an already long day.

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