Gadgets And Games Getting More Kids Outdoors

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When it comes to the conversation of kids and technology, the fear that every parent faces is how gaming, the internet, and digital technology as a whole encourages them to spend more time indoors. Aside from leading to addiction and a sedentary lifestyle, it can potentially deprive children of the joy of playing outside and exploring the natural world. However, tech doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can be a valuable ally.

Gadgets And Games Getting More Kids Outdoors
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Mobile games to get you moving
From Super Mario to Pokemon Go, there’s an increasing range of smartphone games that are encouraging kids and adults alike to get outside and explore their environment mindfully. Gameficiation, i.e., the transformation of every event into more engaging experiences using game mechanics such as experience points, and levelling up, has proved to be highly effective, and we expect it to become more common as time goes on.

A flying lens on the world
Very few technologies in recent years have influenced how we interface with the world around us quite like drones have. As the website shows, it offers a fresh new perspective on a range of things, from fishing to camping to exploring our local towns. Kids have gotten to grasp with this technology quickly, and flying the drone together in a safe and controlled manner can help you both get a lot more appreciation out of the places that you go together.

Ignite their passion for nature
Kids are naturally curious, it’s just a matter of piquing their interest. Walking through a wood alone might not be enough to do it, but if you can help them spot wildlife they’ve never seen before, that might just do the trick. Wildlife spotting and trackings apps as shown at might just be what your little explorers need.

Making getting active fun
One of the main reasons we want our children to spend more time outside is that they’re more likely to be active. As mentioned, gamification can make all kinds of tasks a lot more engaging and that goes for fitness as well. Fitness apps for younger users as shown as can do a lot to get kids moving. They can learn the values of perseverance and see their own progress, encouraging them to spend more time moving outside.

Limiting their access to indoor tech
Technology can also help you control just how much screen time your kids get. For instance, modern gaming consoles like the Switch have parental controls you can use to determine how much game time your children gets, what time of day they get it, and how many times a day. Apps can be installed on smartphones, PCs, and laptops to the same effect.

The key factor that will determine whether or not technology has a positive effect on kids is the parents. At the end of the day, you hold the authority to decide how your child does and does not use tech. Foster an interest in the gadgets and games that will get them outside.

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