Halloween Party Poppers

Looking for an easy way to have a lot of fun at your next Halloween party? These Halloween Party Poppers are sure to be a hit!

Halloween Party Poppers, Halloween Party Favors

Filled with candy and small trinket toys, these Halloween Party Poppers are a great party favor. Hand them out to friends in the classroom or those tick-or-treating.

Simply made with empty toilet paper rolls that are wrapped in layers of festive tissue paper. Decorate with googly eyes and a black marker. Tie one end with a pipe cleaner then fill with candy and small toys before wrapping the other end with another pipe cleaner.

Halloween Party Poppers

Supplies needed:

  • 6 empty toilet paper rolls
  • tissue paper – orange, green, purple, light purple, Halloween print
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • candy and small toys

Cut 2 sheets of orange tissue paper 12×7 inches. Cut 2 sheets of green tissue paper 12×10 inches. Lay the bigger sheets on top of the small sheets and lay a tube on the longer edge and glue the paper to it. Roll the paper tightly around the tube and glue the other edge down.

Cut the pipe cleaners in half. Squeeze together the paper at one end of the tube, wrap a pipe cleaner around it and twist it tight to hold it together.

Halloween Party Poppers, Halloween Party Favors

Fill the tube with candy and toys, and squeeze the other paper together at the other end of the tube and twist closed with a pipe cleaner. Glue googly eyes on and draw a mouth. Repeat with the other colors of tissue paper.

Halloween Party Poppers, Halloween Party Favors

So fun! Be sure to find more Halloween craft and recipe ideas at Our Kid Things to make your upcoming Halloween a spook-tacular success!

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