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Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card

To the dad who loves to grill, our Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card comes from the best little grilling buddy! This card incorporates grilling, cute little handprints as the flames, and a sweet message inside for the perfect Father’s Day card. And we have a Free Printable Grill Card Template, too.

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card main image.

For message ideas that you can write in the card, anything that uses the word “grill” in a pun-y way in place of real is really cute. A few suggestions:

  • You’re “Grill”-y Awesome, Dad!
  • Have a “Grill”-y Great Father’s Day!
  • You’re a “Grill”-y Great Dad!
  • From your Grilling Buddy!

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card styled image.

You get the idea. All super cute ideas that Dad is sure to love! Along with some burgers on the grill.

Make a Handprint Grill Card for Father’s Day

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card craft supplies needed.

To make our Handprint Father’s Day Grill Card you will need our grill card template. The rest of the supplies include a black marker, scissors, a glue stick, as well as light cardstock in red, orange, black, silver, and grey.

Father’s Day Grill Card Craft Supplies Needed

  • Grill Card template
  • Light cardstock – red, orange, black, silver, grey, white
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Handprint Grill Card Step by Step Instructions

Begin by downloading our grill template.

Cut out template pieces.

Cut out all the pieces. Leave the smaller circle as is on the white paper. The large circle trace and cut out of black paper, the spatula on silver, and the legs on grey. A lightweight cardstock works best to keep the card’s structure without being heavy. Construction paper would work, too, though

Glue white circle in center of black circle.

Now, glue the white circle in the center of the black circle.

Fold circles in half.

Fold the circles in half.

Draw slots on spatula with black marker.

Next, draw slots on the spatula with the black marker.

Glue legs to the bottom back of grill.

Glue the legs to the back of the bottom, curved part of the folded circle.

Glue spatula to the front of the grill.

And glue the spatula to the front of the card.

Trace two handprints on red and orange paper.

Then, trace two handprints. One on red and one orange paper.

Cut out handprints.

Cut out the two handprints.

Glue handprints behind the fold of the card.

Glue the handprints together at the thumbs. Then glue the handprints behind the fold of the grill card.

Write a Happy Father's Day message.

Finally, write your Happy Father’s Day message on the inside of the card.

Handprint Father’s Day Grill Cards.

A sweet card for a “grill”-y great dad, from his best little grilling buddy!

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  1. I have enjoyed this BBQ Grill craft. I’m excited for my kiddos to make these for their daddy’s.

  2. Thank you, this is an adorable card for the kids to make their Dad! Can’t wait to do it today!

  3. Would love to get a printer friendly version of the craft! Thank you for providing it!

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