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Handprint Indian Corn Craft

I don’t think there’s anything much better than a super cute handprint craft, and this Handprint Indian Corn Craft is one of our new favorite fall crafts. Pushing it over the edge of greatness is that it also uses bubble wrap!

Handprint Indian Corn Craft main image.

Since we want this fall handprint craft to be nothing but fun, we’ve also included a simple Free Printable Corn Cob Template. So all you need to do is trace, cut, paint, and stamp!

Handprint Indian Corn Craft styled image.

Make a Fall Handprint Indian Corn Craft

To make our Handprint Indian Corn Craft you will first need our corn cob printable.

Handprint Indian Corn Craft supplies needed.

The rest of the supplies consist of yellow and brown cardstock, bubble wrap, acrylic paint, scissors, and a glue stick.

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Craft Supplies Needed

  • Corn Cob Printable
  • Acrylic paint – red, orange, brown
  • Cardstock – yellow, brown
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Indian Corn Handprint Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by tracing the little one’s handprint on brown cardstock.

Trace and cut handprint on brown cardstock.

Cut out the handprint.

Trace and cut corn cob on yellow cardstock.

Also print and cut out the corn cob template. Trace the template on yellow cardstock and cut out.

Gather fall paint colors.

Now, gather a few fall paint colors. We used red, orange, and brown. You could also mix in some purple, too, and even another shade of yellow.

Paint bubble wrap with random fall colors.

Use a paintbrush to paint a sheet of bubble wrap with the fall colors. Paint the colors on the bubble wrap randomly, just make sure it’s completely covered.

Stamp corn cob into painted bubble wrap.

Next, lightly stamp the corn cob into the bubble wrap. Don’t press too hard, but make sure the entire corn cob has been pressed into the bubble wrap.

Gently lift corn cob from bubble wrap and let dry.

Gently remove the corn cob from the bubble wrap. Let the paint dry completely.

Glue handprint to top of corn cob.

Once dry, glue the handprint to the back top of the corn cob for the husk.

Handprint Indian Corn Craft.

Continue making more beautiful, colorful, sweet ears of Indian corn.

Handprint Indian Corn Craft styled image.

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