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Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft

Darling handprints and colorful feathers make our Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft a super cute spring bird craft. They’re so easy to make, too, you’ll want to make a bird in every color there is.

Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft main image.

I love really simple crafts that don’t need a lot of steps to make them stunning. And there’s not a lot to this bird craft. Some markers, of course the handprints, and a beak. All in bright, bold colors that turn a simple paper bag into a beautiful bird.

Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft styled image.

Make a Bird Craft with a Paper Bag

To make our Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft you will need a paper lunch bag, cardstock in assorted colors, markers in assorted colors, scissors, and a glue stick.

Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft supplies needed.

We also used these fun small googly eyes with eyelashes, but normal googly eyes would work, too.

Colorful Bird Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper bag
  • Cardstock – assorted colors
  • Markers – assorted colors
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Paper Bag Bird Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by folding a sheet of colorful cardstock in half.

Trace handprint on a folded sheet of cardstock.

Trace the little one’s handprint.

Cut out handprint so there are two.

Cut out the handprint so that there are two.

Cut a folded triangle beak and spiky feather.

From the same sheet of cardstock, cut out a triangle beak along the fold as well as a spiky feather for the top of the bird’s head.

Draw wavy lines for colorful feathers with markers.

Now, use the markers to form wavy lines along the bird’s body to resemble colorful feathers.

Glue handprints along sides of bag.

Next, glue the handprints along the sides of the paper bag.

Glue beak in place and add googly eyes.

Glue the beak in place, along with googly eyes.

Glue feather to top of bag.

And glue the feather in place on top of the bag.

Handprint Paper Bag Birds.

A flock of the most colorful spring birds! These would make such fun puppets, flying through the air.

Handprint Paper Bag Bird Craft styled image.

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