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Hot Glue Flowers

Hot glue is a crafter’s best friend. A very hot, hence the name, slightly dangerous best friend. And it can be surprisingly versatile and beautiful, really. Like these Hot Glue Flowers window clings.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

A perfect window decoration for spring and summer, and I love the way the light shines through the application of glue, these Hot Glue Flowers are a craft for both mom and the kids. Because mom should do the gluing and peeling to be on the safe side, and the kids can paint them any color they want then arrange their bouquet of colorful flowers on the windows.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

To start, draw a flower shape onto a piece of white paper. We used a cookie cutter I happened to have on hand for the template. Then, on a sheet of parchment paper over flower shape, trace the lines with a generous amount of hot glue and fill in. I went through about half of a hot glue stick per flower. Gently pull away from the paper and paint.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

To stick to the window, we did a simple small piece of painters tape doubled over on back. I’ve heard a couple dabs of hot glue work well, too.

Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

Supplies needed:

  • hot glue
  • parchment paper
  • flower template
  • pencil
  • scrap piece of white paper
  • acrylic paints in assorted colors
  • painters tape

First, make a flower shape on a white piece of paper. Make sure the lines are dark enough to see. We used a flower shaped cookie cutter.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

Put a piece of parchment paper over the paper with the flower shape and trace the lines with hot glue then fill in generously.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

When the glue is cool and hard, gently pull away from parchment. Continue for all flowers, then paint in your choice of colors.

DIY Hot Glue Flowers Window Clings

Once the paint is dry, affix a small piece of doubled-over tape to the back of the flower and cling to your windows for a beautifully colorful, summer-y decoration! Be sure to check out even more flower crafts at Kid Things!

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