How Moms Can Prepare for College

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One day they’re your wrinkled newborn, smelling of fresh baby powder and wearing onesies, the next day they’re in the later years of high school, thinking about college and applying for scholarships. One such scholarship is through Tech Live Connect. For this such scholarship, all that needs to be done to apply is to write about the positive impact tech has is in their life. Should be easy, given today’s teenagers practically live online.

My sleepy newborn to a college bound young adult, and all the life that happens in the blink of an eye in between. It really does happen that fast.

How Moms Can Prepare for College

When it comes to college, we all talk about what teens have to do to get ready to take that big leap. And there is a lot that goes into getting there. In a lot of ways, it’s an open environment with so many new experiences. They’re not going to have the security of mom and dad just feet away, able to answer their questions or concerns. Or do their laundry, for that matter.

No, college is where our children flourish with independence while moving into a dorm. They thrive. That’s the hope that we live by, anyway. That’s really all we want from our kids. And maybe to learn a thing or two in actual classes, as well.

But what about moms? A lot has been written about how kids can prepare for college. But what about parents? What do we do when the kids are gone? How do we cope?

Sure, it might be nice for awhile. To have that taste of freedom, ourselves. That we haven’t really had in a long time, since they were those squishy, sleepy newborns. What about when the reality sets in, however?

That’s why it’s so important that we prepare ourselves while we’re also preparing our kids. It’s an adjustment for all involved. Here are a few ways I’m planning on making the most of the college experience myself.

4 Ways Moms Can Prepare for College

1. Take lots of pictures – There’s no better way to remember the beautiful face you’re sending off and all the fun times you’ve had together then to document it in all its glory. Take so many pictures you’ll be sick of taking pictures.

2. Start a new hobby – Put your focus elsewhere with a new hobby. Gardening, maybe. Or perhaps scrapbooking. You have to do something with all the pictures you’ve taken, anyway.

3. Make plans – Plan a road trip or mini vacation for just you and your child for when they go on break.

4. Remember, there’s always social media – When all else fails, you know your child will at least post to social media so you can see that they’re OK. And thus, you’ll be OK. And you can comment really embarrassing things, because that’s why they love you. Which will make you laugh, and then you can go back to scrapbooking with a happier heart.

All kidding aside, college is a big deal for the students and for the parents. Together, though, I think we’ll all be able to get through it.

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