How To Choose Great Lighting For Your Kid’s Room

A child’s bedroom is an integral part of their upbringing. It is a safe space where they get some much needed sleep, an exciting playroom, and a place intended for nurture, relaxation, and recreation. How it is decorated will determine how comfortable they feel inside it, and choosing the right lighting is a crucial decision that could make or break the whole image. This guide tells you exactly how to choose great lighting for your kid’s room.

How To Choose Great Lighting For Your Kid’s Room

Themed Lighting

Does the room have a theme? A theme is a popular decorative choice when creating a child’s bedroom. It could be based on their favorite animal, a well-loved book or program, or a generic category like princesses and pirates. There are no rules, it entirely depends on what your child likes and what will make them happy. The best thing about a theme is that you can find cute pieces to fit in with it in a range of formats from light shades to wall lamps and night lights. Having a selection brings a room together and provides options for different moods such as reading, winding down time, playing, and sleeping.

Ambient Lighting

How To Choose Great Lighting For Your Kid’s Room

Sometimes, ambient lighting is a must. When the day calls for a quiet hour, or on a particularly difficult morning, ambient lighting will create a comfortable surrounding and have a positive impact on mental well-being. Think about the comparison of the main living space. As an adult, you wouldn’t want to sit down to relax with a bright overhead light. That is not conducive to winding down. It does not nurture eye health and it won’t translate into a place you want to spend time in. It is no different in a child’s space and this should be factored into the planning. You can find inspiration from expert companies like Elektra light shop. It will help to have some ambient lighting in the room for eyesight development and general comfort.

Night Lights

Night lights are warm, soft lighting like smart lights that keep anxiety about the dark at bay while still enabling you to fall asleep. They’re also useful during those ever present night wakings. Lots of children have a night light because it makes them feel safe, minimizes the risk of accidents if they get out of bed, and helps to ground them if they wake up in the middle of their sleep cycle. There are a few things to watch out for when buying a night light.

  • It has to be soft lighting so it is not overly distracting.
  • It should be safe. If there are batteries, for example, they must be tightly out of sight so there is no risk of choking or consumption.
  • It needs to be kept away from the bed so as to minimize the risk of overheating and injury.

There is even a great market for multi-purpose night lights that speak to younger children. White noise, for example, is heavily featured in a lot of products and has clear benefits for enabling better sleep (in both children and adults). There are also options for sleep tools such as storybook players and gentle lullabies too.

Natural Light

How To Choose Great Lighting For Your Kid’s Room

Utilize natural light to maintain a sustainable space. Considering your carbon impact is a responsibility for anyone to consider, if you are able to factor it into the rooms in your house then you absolutely should. Natural light is that which comes from the sun and enters our homes through strategically placed and used windows. Aside from the environmental impact, there are clear health benefits to be considered as well like absorbing essential vitamin D and the positive impact on mental health.

Wireless Lights

Multiple wires and children do not mix well. There are safety concerns to highlight, and generally, it is better to minimize exposed wires to limit the mess and maintain the illusion of magic in the room. Battery powered lights are a great option here, especially if environmentally friendly power sources are used too (like rechargeable batteries). They are typically easy to install, set up costs less, and they are a fun decorative option too as they are sold in a range of shapes, sizes, and brightness levels.


Choosing great lighting for your kid’s room depends on what it’s for. Whether the child plays in their bedroom on a regular basis, is younger, wakes up a lot and seeks comfort at all hours, or just needs a fun light feature in their space to tie a theme together; there are so many options out there to pick from that you are spoiled for choice.

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