How To Drive Safely When You Have Kids On Board

Written by Allen Brown.

Driving safely should be a given at this point, but accidents on the road are sometimes inevitable. So following all the rules and regulations is a must if you want to drive properly and have your child with you, ensuring your and theirs safety. So here’s how to drive safely when you have kids on board!

How To Drive Safely When You Have Kids On Board

Use The Right Car Seat

Depending on how young your children are, it’s important to get the right safe car seat for them – even if there are other people in the car, it’s not safe to hold a child in your hands regardless if you have a seatbelt or not. If a sudden collision happens, the child might fall out of your hands and get hurt, but if they are seated properly in a safety chair, they are less likely to get hurt or fall out of their seat! There are lots of styles and types of car seats, depending on the size and age of your child – make sure they aren’t overgrown for the chair in question and use boosters as an added safety measure!

Don’t Ignore Car Malfunctions

If you notice that your car is acting up, or if certain smells or sounds are coming from it, it might be a sign of a bigger problem, even malfunction! It’s important to notice the red flags right away and to act on them, instead of ignoring them. Driving safely means so much more than just the act of driving itself, it has to do with the vehicle as well! You want to make sure that your car is safe, to avoid any possible accidents or problems that can risk your and your children’s safety!

Respect Regulations And Speed

Regardless if you are in a crowded city or the countryside, it’s never a good idea to drive recklessly! Speeding is bad all around, but having kids in the car while you do it is a whole nother level. You can get in a lot of trouble, even if you didn’t cross the line too much – if the children are involved, it’s different. So, the reckless driving penalty explained in a few words or less, means that you might face jail time, as it is a misdemeanor criminal offense. That’s why you should be careful and drive more safely, especially if you have a child because it can cost you more than just money and time, it can cost you your safety!

Keep An Eye On The Road

Driving safely means following traffic regulations, driving within speed limits, and closely keeping an eye on the road all the time. It’s so easy to get distracted, but you never know who is driving beside you on the road! Also, keeping your phone and other devices away from your reach while driving, will help you to stay on track and drive safely, without any distractions!

Don’t Drive Under The Influence

Again, another important thing you need to keep in mind, both when you drive alone and with kids – do not drive under any kind of influence. A lot of accidents happen, as DUI and DWI cases are pretty common, unfortunately, and they should be avoided at all costs, especially if you have children involved! It is an unforgivable act that’s not tolerated in the eyes of the law!

How To Drive Safely When You Have Kids On Board

Feed And Change The Baby Beforehand

If your kids are toddlers or younger, it’s best to feed and change them before you head out and start driving to your destination, It can be quite distracting if your child is in discomfort, crying, and needing attention, so it’s more likely that you’ll lose your attention off the road to calm the child. As you can imagine this can create problems and possible accidents on the road, that could be avoided if you paid attention. It’s always better to have someone else in the car who can animate the kids, but sometimes you just have to be the one in charge! So don’t forget to totally prepare your baby for the ride, and possibly bring a few toys so the baby feels more comfortable and calm whilst on the road!

Drivers should always pay attention and be careful while driving, but with having children on board, this should be taken to a whole nother level to ensure their safety. Starting from obvious things like driving safely and following traffic regulations, to getting the safest seats for your child to sit on! All of these things combined are extremely important, it’s always better to be safe than sorry especially when the lives and wellbeing of children are involved!

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