How to have your kids help with your wedding invite designs

Weddings are an essential part of everyone’s life. The main goal of a couple getting married is to have a wedding that will be remembered for a long time and that the memories are cherished for a lifetime. A lot of effort and patience goes into preparing for a wedding. You need to list several things, and then make sure that you tick them off your to-do list.

How to have your kids help with your wedding invite designs

Due to unforeseen circumstances, many people decide to have a wedding ceremony after they have kids. This is because there are many expenses that they already have to take care of, and bearing the burden of wedding expenses can be a lot.

Preparing for the wedding :

There is a list of things that you will have to go through when you start preparing for your perfect wedding. Your main goal should always be to choose things and ways that will be easy on the pocket. From choosing the wedding invite design to choosing the right dress, the perfect venue, the cake, and the caterer, everything needs to be perfect.

  • Taking help from your family will help you navigate the whole process of preparing for a wedding. There can be any cousin, aunt, or friend that knows the ins and outs of a wedding and will be in your corner when you need them.

Taking help from your kids

Taking help from your kids can be the best way to make your wedding creative. The most important thing that you will have to do is send out wedding invitation cards. The whole process of designing them and making them come to life comes before sending them out. For that purpose, you can use the help of your children.

  • Sending the cards: In the olden days, the cards for the wedding were sent out by the bride’s parents, but now the children send the cards out.
  • Helping in design: What better way to create a perfect and creative wedding invitation card or save the date card than having your children design it? You can let your child’s imagination run free and let them design a card that you will only have to get printed.
  • The perfect design: After the card has been designed, you can choose a font that mimics your child’s handwriting. They might add little jokes on the card, making it more entertaining for whoever receives the card. They might start with the words “Mommy and daddy are getting married.”
  • You can also let them explore the artist inside them and draw small details for the card, but if they are too young to draw, some fingerprints or small hand prints would be more than enough.

Letting your children become a part of your wedding preparation process will give them confidence, and they will feel good about the fact that they took part in their parent’s wedding when they grow up. These small things can positively impact your child’s mind and create a core memory for the whole family.

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