How To Help Your Kids Decorate Their School Books

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How To Help Your Kids Decorate Their School Books
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It can sometimes be difficult trying to get your children excited about school. After all, they just want to get home and start playing games or enjoying all the cool crafting ideas you have. But, what if there was a way to take a child’s love of arts and crafts to make them more excited about school?

One very easy way of doing this is by decorating your kid’s school books. Every child will have books for different subjects that they do their work in. On their own, these books are very bland and boring. So, what if you sat down with your kids and told them it was time to decorate their books?! You give them something fun to do and it livens up the books at the same time, getting them more excited to go to school and show them off.

With that in mind, here’s what you can do:

Wrapping paper covers
A very easy way to make a school book seem more lively and colorful is by covering it in wrapping paper. Effectively, you will cover the front and back in this paper, instantly making it look different. The bland and boring cover is no more, and your kids can use any wrapping paper they like – it could have their favorite TV show characters on it, flowers, a specific color; whatever they like!

After wrapping the books, you can start to doctorate them even more. Well, some kids will be happy with just using wrapping paper and leaving it at that. But, if you have used plain wrapping paper to give the book a new color, there is still more than enough room for extra decorations. So, get some cool stickers and place them all over the cover of the books!

In fact, you can skip the whole wrapping paper stage and jump straight to stickers if you’d prefer. That’s the beauty of this idea; you can decorate the books however you or your kids want to; it’s completely up to you.

Another way to decorate the book covers is by drawing on them. Now, this is perhaps best done if you do have a cover wrapped around the book. Use wrapping paper that’s plain and gives your child a nice little backdrop to work on. From here, they can let their creativity run wild as they draw on the book, bringing it to life.

This is actually a really fun idea because you can get your kids to draw things that represent the subjects of the book. For instance, if it is a math book, they can draw cool numbers and other things related to the subject. For science books, they can draw all whacky science-related drawings. It tells them what the book is about while bringing it to life at the same time.

Trust me, your kids will really like decorating their school books as it makes them unique. Now, they will be eager to go to school and show the rest of the class their cool books. Don’t be surprised if more of their classmates suddenly turn up with decorative books the next day!

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