Ice Cream Cone Craft

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a cone full of ice cream. If you’ve already had your ice cream, though, or are still dreaming of ice cream, it’s always fun to make this Ice Cream Cone Craft.

Ice Cream Cone Craft with Paper Plate Stand - a fun summer craft for kids!

This is a simple Ice Cream Cone Craft for all ages. Then, when finished making your ice cream and cone however you want, stick the cones in a stand made from a paper plate. But hurry, you don’t want your ice cream to melt!

Ice Cream Cone Craft with Stand

Supplies needed:

  • brown cardstock
  • paper in a variety of colors
  • paints
  • paper plate
  • glue & tape
  • scissors

First, cut your sheet of cardstock so you have 4 pieces. Roll each piece into a cone shape, tape to secure. Cut off any excess. Make 2 slits on each side for your ice cream.

Find a circular lid or some other template to make your scoop of ice cream the size you want. A preferred size is just slightly larger than your cone, though you could always go really big if you want. Cut your circles out.

Paint dots of black or brown paint if you’d like your ice cream to have chocolate chips, make red swirls if your ice cream is raspberry swirled, you get the idea. Basically, make your ice cream however you want! If you want more than one scoop, simply glue the scoops together.

For the paper plate stand, cut small circles out of the paper plate, just large enough for the cones to stand in. Make sure to space the circles far enough apart so the cones are not on top of each other.

Ice Cream Cone Craft with Stand

Then, after you’re done making your ice cream cone craft, scoop up some of the real stuff!

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