Important Things To Remember When Buying Eyewear For Children

Written by Allen Brown.

With the increasing number of eyewear brands these days, it is easier to make a selection. For your child’s eye care, the choosing needs more time so that you get a perfect fit. A kid’s confidence can highly be boosted by wearing something spectacular. As much as you wish to guide on the choice, it is necessary to let the child make a pick.

Important Things To Remember When Buying Eyewear For Children

This is mostly when it comes to the physical attributes such as color and frame design. Talk to your optometrist about the modern styles available. Focus on other issues such as robustness of the frame materials. It is worth finding something that won’t break easily. Your selection will be seamless if you use the following guide.

Style and Color

If your child is wearing glasses for the first time, make it special. This will create a good first impression to them hence you experience no struggles in reminding them to put them on. It lay in the color and style you go for. Every child has a favorite color and including this detail on the selection criteria will help.

Eyewear also allows some stylish maneuvers. There are lenses and frames of different shapes and sizes. For instance, we have thick-rimmed geometric glasses, trendy tortoiseshell, thin lightweight gold-rimmed, and cat-eye glasses. The list is extensive. What you need is an open mind in trying to figure out what your child will like. There is no harm done in buying several pairs exhibiting different designs.

The Nose Bridge

For the children, their noses are not fully developed meaning they lack a bridge required in holding the glasses in place. This is where an optician comes in handy. He or she will evaluate the shape of the face before deciding on which eyewear to suggest. It aims at bringing proper fitting to the bridge.

A perfect fit ensures efficient vision correction as the focus is always through the lenses. Again, frames sliding down often interfere with a child’s daily activities such as studying and playing. The risk of eyewear falling is also prevalent.

The Nature of the Frame

The frames in children’s eyewear are normally made of plastic and metal. With the growth of technology, better designs are coming up each day. Most models have appealing features such as being light and durable. They also tend to be cost-efficient. Find glasses that are easy to clean as well. Do proper research on different models available. Taking the research to the internet will serve you well.

Let your kid try each pair at a time. This increases the possibility of getting something that fits perfectly well. Let the individual preferences be the foundation of any choice you make. The optician has a role to play as he or she guides allergies to metals. Nickel is a common example of a metal that causes a reaction to the skin. The medical approach needs to be at the first stage as you get to eliminate the unsuitable options.

Lens Materials

Most lenses for kids are designed to have impact-resistance attributes. This is because children are generally active and more prone to dropping the glasses. With the resistance to mechanical forces, it means more length of service. As a parent, you are saved from the many appointments with an optometrist.

The best lenses need to be made of Trivex or polycarbonate materials. The fabrication tends to be less weighty hence comfortable for children. Find advanced lenses which are UltraViolet protected. This safeguards the kid’s eyes when spending long hours in the sun. A scratched lens blurs the vision. The frequent dropping and touching by the kids may bring about some scratches. Find scratch-resistant lenses.

The Warranty

Important Things To Remember When Buying Eyewear For Children

At times, some lenses and frames may seem fine at the time of purchasing only to prove you wrong later. This turns to be worrisome especially after remembering the expenses you incurred. From this, a parent may be obliged to find another pair for the child. You can avoid this by finding an optometrist who attaches warranty rights to the sales.

With the high chances of kids damaging their lenses, this becomes much more significant. Find the facility which offers coverage for a long period, say one year. However, it is still important to train the child on being careful with handling. This benefits you more as a parent when the warranty period ends.

Children with vision problems need to undergo the right treatments. The use of eyewear is the commonest corrective treatment to be prescribed. Find an optometrist as he or she knows clearly which options serve the child right. There are considerations to make when choosing the glasses. Let the child have a say as well in the selection of design and color of the frames.

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