Kid-Colored Christmas Tea Towels

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft that will also help brighten your home, I have just the thing with these Kid-Colored Christmas Tea Towels!

Kid-Colored Christmas Towels Gift Idea Craft

Using fabric markers and Christmas cookie cutters for stencils, these Kid-Colored Christmas Tea Towels are so easy and so cute! I picked up a couple cheap tea towels and then we traced the inside of the cookie cutters with the markers. Then, my kids picked a few to color in. So festive and a lovely gift idea, too!

While we used tea towels for this project, plain white napkins would work great, as well.

Kid-Colored Christmas Tea Towels

Supplies needed:

  • fabric markers
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • plain white tea towels
  • small piece of cardboard

Take a small piece of cardboard, just big enough to fit your cookie cutter shapes, and place it under your cookie cutter where you’ll be coloring with your fabric markers. This is so the color doesn’t bleed through. Then, keeping your cookie cutter as still as possible, outline your shape with a fabric marker.

Pick a few of the shapes to color in and make your own! Or you can color them all, but I kinda liked how it looked with some simply traced.

DIY Kid-Colored Christmas Tea Towels Craft

Keep going until the look you love and your kids are happy with their towels, then hang in your kitchen for a fun burst of holiday cheer!

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