Spring Crafts

Get ready for spring with our many beautiful, colorful spring crafts for kids! Browse our selection of handprint butterfly crafts, frog crafts, all kinds of flower crafts, and so many more spring kids crafts. All full of so much color and fun!

Standing Cupcake Liner Birds
Cupcake Liner Snails Craft
CD Yarn Weaving Ladybugs Craft
Butterfly Crackers Kids Snack
Paper Flower Garden Craft
Paper Plate Lacing Ladybugs Craft
Colorful Tissue Paper Birds
Easy Paper Daisy Craft
Cute Cork Bees Craft
Digging For Bugs Spring Sensory Bin
Fruit Roll Tongue of a Frog Printable
Smiley Butterflies Paper Craft
Fun DIY Spring Chick Planters
Baby Bird’s Nest Craft
Yarn-Wrapped Cloud and Rainbow Craft
Accordion Fold Butterflies Craft
Egg Carton Flowers Craft
Yummy Gummy Snake Cakes
Egg Carton Butterflies Craft
Sheep PomPom Craft Free Printable