Learn Creative Sunflower Origami with Different Levels of Difficulty with your Child

Sunflowers symbolize devotion and admiration in the story of Clytie and Apollo. Sunflowers are well-known for being cheerful flowers and the perfect bloom for a summer flower delivery to enhance someone’s mood due to their affinity with the sun. Sunflowers have a unique property known as heliotropism, in which the sunflower’s face always faces the sun, starting the day looking east and finishing it facing west.

Learn Creative Sunflower Origami with Different Levels of Difficulty with your Child

Sunflower is an excellent origami craft for your child to do. You may bond with your child while training their hand and mind skills by using these various instructions, each with its level of difficulty.

Easy Level

This straightforward origami sunflower is just as simple as other origami flowers. It uses two different sheets of paper and employs easy folds to create a sizeable origami sunflower. It looks fantastic on posters and on the wall.

Step 1: Start with a square sheet of colored origami paper.
Step 2: Fold the paper in half from left to right, then unfurl.
Step 3: Fold in half once, but this time from top to bottom, and then unfold.
Step 4: Bring the top left corner to the middle.
Step 5: Bring the remaining three corners to the center.
Step 6: Take a flap and fold it outwards.
Step 7: Fold out the remaining flaps. Flip the figure.
Step 9: Create the stem. Take a fresh sheet of paper and set it color side down.
Step 10: Unfold from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner.
Step 11: Bring the left edge of the paper to the center crease.
Step 12: Bring the bottom border of the paper up to the center crease. It should be like a kite.
Step 13: Fold the bottom border to the middle crease once more.
Step 14: Take a piece from the bottom and fold it up diagonally.
Step 15: Flip the figure over and attach the sunflower to the stem with tape.

Medium Level

This medium-level origami sunflower is a little bit more creative than the easy level. Try this in your home!

Step 1: Only half a sheet of paper is required. To begin, fold the paper in half to form a long rectangle.
Step 2: Reopen the paper and cut along the fold to make a 4.25′′ × 11″ piece of paper.
Step 3: Fold the paper accordion style back and forth in 1/2′′ to 3/4′′ folds until you get to the end of the paper. Using scissors, cut the end of the folded paper into a spherical form.
Step 4: Repeat on the other side to round both ends of the paper.
Step 5: Fold the folded paper in half. Squeeze some hot glue along the inside edge of the folded paper.
Step 6: Align the edges of the paper and press it closed over the hot glue, holding it in place until the glue sets.
Step 7: Apply a line of hot glue to the remaining inner edge of the paper, as indicated in the image below.
Step 8: Carefully align the two edges and press them together so that your folded paper is pleated in a complete circle.
Step 9: Cut a four-length of lovely green ribbon.
Step 10: Make the flower’s leaves by wrapping the ribbon around the straw.
Step 11: Glue the drinking straw to the back of the flower with hot glue from the glue gun and you’re done!

Hard Level

Step 1: You will need two-sided printer paper in orange (or yellow) and green, one-sided black paper, glue, and a tiny wooden skewer or knitting needle to get started. Sunflower has two layers of petals, each with eight petals. The original square for the petal is 4×4 cm in size.
Step 2: Make a diagonal bend in the square. Fold the lower and upper corners to the fold’s center line.
Step 3: Flip the petal over and bend the sharp corner to the center. Turn it over.
Step 4: As far as possible, bend the lower right corner. One petal is finished, and there should be eight of these.
Step 5: After attaching the corner bent to the side, we join the two pieces by attaching a second petal to the glued surface of the corner. Glue the next bent corner, then attach the pieces one by one, end to end, without gaps.
Step 6: Lightly close the circle after gluing the eighth module. Petals should be vertical. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for the second layer of petals.
Step 7: A first layer is cemented at the bent corners, followed by a second layer. The layers of the petals should not match. The protruding sharp corners are bent.
Step 8: Cut a circle from black paper that is somewhat larger than the size of the hole in the center of the flower.
Step 9: Fold in half a strip of one-sided black paper 3 cm wide that runs the entire length of the A4 sheet. These strips require five pieces. Not very cleanly cut from the bent.
Step 10: Spiral the strip around the sunflower until it reaches the inner circumference. Glue the flower’s center into place.
Step 11: Cut two 7×7 cm squares for the leaves. The square is diagonally bent, and the corners are bent to the midline.
Step 12: Bend the little upper corners by 2-3 mm in step 10. The leaf is ready to be turned around. For the stem, take an 8×20 cm green strip and tightly wrap it around a tiny skewer or knitting needle, starting from the corner. Remove the skewer and glue the edge.
Step 13: Flatten the hollow within the stem by 2 cm and glue it from the sunflower’s wrong side. Make a circle with little cloves of random shape – sepals – and glue the stem underneath it.
Step 14: Glue the leaves on the sunflower, and it’s complete.

Start with the easy level and work your way up to the hard level by practicing origami with these paper sunflowers!

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