Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft

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My kids are my little fishies during the summer. The pool is one of our favorite places to be when it’s warm enough, and I love watching them swim and splash. It’s a great way to get outside, under that sunshine, and working up an appetite to get back to nature.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

But swimming and water games makes a kid hungry for more than sunshine. Let’s face it, anything makes a growing kid hungry. Thus, when they get out of the pool, they need a quick and convenient meal that keeps the good times going.

Did you know that June was Get Outdoors month? And Mac & Cheese day was July 14th? That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy both, though. Made with organic pasta, Back to Nature is creamy and cheesy while being a good source of calcium and protein with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors. Perfect after a full day of sunshine!

I picked up a box of Back to Nature Made with Organic Macaroni & Cheese Dinner as well as Back to Nature Made with Organic Silly Sea Life Macaroni & Cheese Dinner for my own fishies, Back to Nature Mac & Cheese is simply delicious, simply good.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

It’s a shame to waste even a bite of mac & cheese.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

Kids also like to play with their food, though. I mean, come on, meals should be a blast! And noticing the fun shapes and creatures in the Back to Nature Made with Organic Silly Sea Life Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, I had an idea for my own little fishies. A Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks craft!

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

For these Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks you’ll need rounded rocks, first and foremost, and macaroni noodles for the pufferfish spikes. Aside from that, you’ll need paint, corresponding colored construction paper for the fins, and glue.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

Now, a little note about the glue. I am not a glue expert. As such, we used regular craft hot glue. And it worked, they stuck. After we held each noodle in place for at least 5 seconds and were very careful not to bump the spikes into anything. But if you know something a little bit heavier, it might work better. First, however, paint your entire rock in whatever color you want. Then cut 2 side fins and a tail from construction paper in the same color glue those in place, as well, once the paint dries. Paint on a couple white circles, make a black dot in the center with a marker and draw a happy mouth, too.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks

Supplies needed:

  • rounded rocks
  • macaroni noodles
  • white paint and other various colors
  • construction paper in the same colors as paint
  • black marker
  • glue, hot glue or stronger
  • scissors

First, paint your rocks in your choice of colors. Let dry. Then cut 2 small side fins, almost like a heart cut in half, and a tail fin from construction paper in the same color. Attach with strong glue. You could also apply a small piece of clear tape for extra security.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

Then, make 2 small circles with white paint. Once those are dry, draw 2 small circles in the center with the black marker. Draw a smile for your fish, too.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

Apply a dot of strong glue randomly to the rock and attach macaroni noodles. Let the glue dry completely.

Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks Craft #BackToPlay #ad

My little fishies are so happy with how our Macaroni Pufferfish Rocks turned out! They may be kindred spirits. How will you bring fun to the dinner table and get back to play?


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