How Many Bunnies in a Jar? Easter Craft

It’s time for bunnies and our fun Bunnies in a Jar Easter Craft. Also eggs and Easter celebrations, but it’s really all about the bunnies. With my kids coming home from school with their own crafted rabbit ears flopping on their head. As well as movies about bunnies and stories about bunnies. If you can be so lucky there will be an actual bunny sighting. There’s not a lot of real bunnies where I live now, but fortunately my parents share their land with a lot of bunnies.

Bunnies in a Jar #craft #kids #game #diy #Easter

Hoppity, hop, hop!

Bunnies all around!

So many bunnies, in fact, that we have some that jumped in a jar. How many bunnies are in the jar? If you’re holding an Easter party with your kids, or if you have a classroom to entertain, this would be a fun guessing game and a great decorative craft to put together.

Bunnies in a Jar

Supplies needed:

  • bag of cotton balls
  • clear jar
  • jiggly eyes
  • paper for ears
  • green “grass”
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • scissors

You don’t need to craft every cottonball into a bunny. Feel free to leave most as plain cottonballs, because you wouldn’t see every bunnies face in the jar anyway. Those are bunny behinds. Or bunny sides. For the ones you do craft into bunnies, glue on a pair of jiggly eyes.

Bunnies in a Jar #craft #kids #game #diy #Easter

Make some bunny ears out of paper. Simply fold a small square of paper in half, then cut out like a long heart. I used glittery cardstock. Glue the ears nestled down a bit into the top of the cottonball.

Bunnies in a Jar #craft #kids #game #diy #Easter

Spread a layer of grass in the bottom of your jar. Then, once you have all your bunnies, let them hop inside. You may need to take the end of a long spoon to position your bunnies just so, as some bunnies just don’t want to cooperate. But be sure to keep track of how many bunnies are in the jar if you’re making a game out of it. If not, it also makes a festive decoration on a tabletop. That is, until all the bunnies hoppity, hop, hop away when you’re not looking!


  1. This is a sweet idea!
    I can just imagine my kiddo, and his classmates, really getting into something like this. Maybe we can mask some of the bunnies with jellybeans…

  2. Oh my goodness what an adorable craft. I bet this would be super fun for a teacher to bring into their classroom for their kiddos.

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