Myths and Facts About AI Writing Service

AI writing services are growing more and more popular, so many students ask, is it really a good idea to try one of those? After all, digitally generated writing is currently one of the most controversial topics, and opinions vary significantly. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at one such website and find out how it works to inform your choice. Let’s jump right in! 

How online AI writing services work

The principles according to which AI writing helpers function are more or less similar, so one of the best ways to analyze their work is to look at a specific example. We’ve chosen Cactus AI writing to represent such online tools, so let’s take a closer look at this site.

Cactus AI has 4 basic functions that include essay generator,  article summarizer, essay outline generator, and what appears to be an essay shortener. Importantly, you need to register on this website before you gain access to these tools. The first feature is pretty self-explanatory since it can provide you with a sample essay that showcases the structure and key informational points of such a paper. 

Article summarizer is a great tool since it can save you a lot of time. Imagine, you’re trying to write your paper as quickly as possible, but at the same time you need to read at least 5 full scholarly articles! With this AI helper, you can simply get summaries for your sources to make sure that they suit you and then cite the parts you need. 

Essay outline generator is another awesome tool since it can easily complete one of the most tedious pre-writing tasks for you. Of course, you will still have to edit an artificially generated outline to fit your requirements, but it can still save you a ton of time and effort. As for the essay shortener, it’s not necessarily going to be useful for every learner, but some students might benefit from it as well. 

Generally, all you need to do when working with an AI writing service is choose the feature you need and prompt the AI to generate the necessary text. While it might sound simple, there are always reservations. 

3 myths about AI writing services

AI is new to most students and professionals, so it’s no wonder that it causes so many controversies. Let’s look at some of the most common myths about generative AI and, specifically, AI writing helpers.

  1. All AI tools steal your data. This simply isn’t true since AI tools have social responsibility and privacy policies, just like any other site. Of course, you still need to read all the details since AI functions a bit differently from non-generative tools, but as long as you use trustworthy products, you should be safe.
  2. AI cannot create coherent sentences or narratives. This isn’t right since AI can generate pretty decent outlines and even adequate essay samples. Of course, that’s just a draft and you’ll need to work on it a lot, but that’s not incoherent gibberish. In other words, this myth stems from a true fact but it’s still no more than exaggeration. 
  3. AI doesn’t see the difference between academic writing and informal writing. In fact, most generative AIs are trained to differentiate between writing styles to better imitate them. After all, that’s one of the foundational elements of such tools, which means that developers pay extra attention to this feature. AI writers can make occasional mistakes, but they’re generally pretty good at capturing the essence of the style you’ve requested.

Now that we’ve seen some of the common misconceptions about AI tools, let’s look at the facts on which some of these myths rely. 

3 facts about AI writing services

Of course, AI writing helpers aren’t ideal. That’s one of the reasons why people make fun of them and why there are so many misconceptions. However, there are also multifaceted facts you’ll need to know when you start using AI writing tools. Here are some of those facts:

Normally you can’t generate a well-written essay with AI. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a draft that represents the paper structure and the general tone of an essay. Nevertheless, it’s better to do your outlining with AI since this approach will leave you with better quality of content. After all, monotonous sentences and obsolete information in your sample can sometimes cause you more harm than good. 

Most AI tools can’t create accurate references. Since digital writers have no access to Google searches and the most recent information, they tend to make up formats or even entire authors and articles. If you want your AI helper to produce more or less accurate citations, you can try providing it with information about each article, but the best option here would perhaps be to use a reference generator. 

AI tools are great for outlining and idea generation. These features prove to be the most useful when it comes to saving time and relying on AI instead of spending countless minutes on Google. A well-formulated prompt will give you multiple ideas. Even if they’re not relevant, you might get new directions for your research after reading the newly generated content. That’s why so many students don’t write with AI but use it as their best helper.

With the right approach, AI can be your top helper!

The truth is that AI isn’t going to replace human writers anytime soon. What it can do, however, is assist you with such tiresome processes as outlining, summarizing, and generating ideas. Many students find writing long papers easier with support from digital helpers, so you may very well benefit from this innovation. 

That’s exactly why we encourage you to try out AI writing services and share your honest opinion with your peers. This way, you can discover the features that work for you and harness the power of technology to your maximum advantage.

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