Nature Stick Dragonfly Craft

My little guy loves to play with sticks outside, as many 3 year olds do. But this darling and so simple, yet striking, Nature Stick Dragonfly Craft is a great way to play with sticks inside, too.

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This craft is simply fun from start to finish. And the finish is pretty quick, as these dragonflies can literally be made in 5 minutes. First, however, is the fun of gathering a pile of sticks to use!

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Make a Dragonfly Craft with Sticks

Nature Stick Dragonfly Craft supplies needed.

To make our Nature Stick Dragonfly Craft you will need straight-ish sticks and shiny pipe cleaners. Seriously, 2 supplies. That’s it!

Stick Dragonfly Craft Supplies Needed

  • Sticks
  • Shiny pipe cleaners

Nature Dragonfly Craft Step by Step Directions

With only 2 supplies, there’s not a lot of steps. Just a bit of twisting of pipe cleaners.

Gather stick and 4 pipe cleaners.

Start with a straight-ish stick. You don’t want a super thin, frail stick but not a large stick, either. The sticks can always be snapped to the size needed. Also needed are 4 shiny pipe cleaners per dragonfly.

Bring ends of pipe cleaner together.

Now, take one of the pipe cleaners and bring the ends together.

Twist ends together.

Twist the ends together.

Wrap ends around stick and twist to secure.

Wrap the twisted end around the stick, toward what you’ve decided is the top of the stick, and twist to secure.

Continue with 3 more pipe cleaners to make wings.

Do the same with the other 3 pipe cleaners, until you have 2 twisted pipe cleaners on each side to make the wings. You can also twist the set of wings around itself to bring together. You could also further secure with a drop of hot glue, but I wanted to make these as easy and safe as possible.

Nature Stick Dragonfly Craft.

Then keep on making more beautiful dragonflies in more shiny pipe cleaner colors!

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