No, You’re Not Ready For A Pet Yet But You Can Be

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You probably think that you are already prepared to bring an animal into your home for your kids. Well, we can tell you right now that you probably aren’t. A lot of parents have no idea what to expect when they bring an animal home.

Take a dog for instance. Did you know that puppies cry for the first six or seven nights basically nonstop? You can either ignore them, bring them up to sleep with you or look at coping mechanisms, like putting a ticking clock in a stuffed toy. This provides comfort to the animal and ensures that they don’t feel alone. Of course, you can’t ignore every cry regardless. Pups have small bladders and if you want to get them used to go outside, you’ll need to be prepared to take them to potty when they need it. This is why a lot of people agree that if you have kids you might be better off getting a dog rather than a puppy. The benefit here is that they have already been through a lot of their training and you can skip the difficult times during development.

But this is just one animal. You might be thinking about a fish, cat, hamster or even a horse. They’re all options and you’ll need to decide which choice is right for you. We can help you there.

No, You're Not Ready For A Pet Yet But You Can Be
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How Much Time Do You Have?

This is definitely a key question that you need to keep in mind. Some animals will require far more of your time than others. This is even true between different breeds of dogs. Some dogs are perfectly content to sleep through the day and spend the majority of their time lazing around. Others like labs are far more adventurous. They have places to see, bottoms to sniff and balls to chase.

Even animals that may seem to require low levels of time can be a tad confusing. For instance, you might opt for fish because they’re not going to be that messy. Good choice but some do require extensive levels of set up. If you opt for an African cichlid for instance, then you will need an African cichlid tank with the perfect set up. That’s going to take some time but the good news is that once it’s up and running, you won’t have to worry about it too much.

If you want one of the most low maintenance pets in the world, then a cat is the right choice for you. Cats are brilliant because they’ll often just do their own thing. Some cats are more attentive than others and light cozying up to you. But a lot of cats hate this and will instead wander. They will want attention sometimes, but only on their terms. This means that you won’t typically be able to pick them up. Particularly, as they get older.

What About Cost?

No, You're Not Ready For A Pet Yet But You Can Be
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Another key consideration to keep in mind is how much money your pet is going to cost you and your family. Again, the costs differ depending on the animal you choose. For instance, it’s not uncommon for horses to add thousands on to your annual bills. Particularly, if you own it outright. That’s why a lot of families choose to instead enroll their child with a stable. In doing so, the child will be able to learn about everything from cleaning to riding the horse.

Fish can be quite cheap once you get through the initial set up. But again, it depends on the type of fish you want. You might be keen to invest in beautiful, colorful fish and these tend to be just a tad more expensive. The typical goldfish can be found at most pet shops and won’t cost you much at all.

As for cats and dogs, these differ depending on the age you want and the type. Rare breeds will always be more expensive and some can require special food that you can only get from certain sellers. Some breeds can even be more expensive to insure. This will be due to the fact that they could be more susceptible to developing certain health conditions that are tricky to treat. That’s why you need to research info about different breeds to find the choice for you.

Furthermore, if you are buying from a breeder, you need to ensure that they can be trusted. You must make sure that you avoid purchasing a pup or kitten from a breeder who has not been completing the right checks.

How Adventurous Can You Be?

You don’t have to go for the typical pet here. If you want to opt for something a little different you can. For instance, you might love the idea of bringing home a lizard or even a snake. You just need to make sure that animals like this are safe to be around children. We know what you’re thinking here. How could a snake ever be safe for kids? Well, the answer might surprise you. Snakes can be very friendly and harmless if you know how to look after them the right way and select the right breed.

You do need to be careful here. Exotic animals can be quite dangerous and unpredictable, even if they look cute. Lots of people in South America keep raccoons as pets but that doesn’t mean that this is recommended. That’s a wild animal. It’s never going to be completely docile.

We hope this helps you understand the key points that you need to consider when you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your home. Remember, a pet regardless of which one you choose will often be for life. So, you shouldn’t bring one into your family unless you are completely sure that it’s the right decision. Speak to experts, talk to your local vet and consult guides online. Make sure that you are ready for every type of responsibility that comes with a pet and that your child is going to be old enough to pull their weight. It’s not going to be as beneficial if you have to do all the work.

No, You're Not Ready For A Pet Yet But You Can Be
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