Nostalgic Foods You Might Like To Rediscover

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Nostalgic Foods You Might Like To Rediscover
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There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia from time to time, is there? While we can’t ever go back to childhood, there is certainly something warmly agreeable about remembering the things we enjoyed in years gone past. Smells, tastes and sounds of the past can be very evocative, reminding us of a place, a time, an experience that we enjoyed, and they can also be a fun thing to introduce our kids to. Maybe they won’t enjoy them as much as we did – different times and different tastes can do that – but it’s fun for kids to see what their parents liked when they were their age.

Among the most evocative ways to take a nostalgia trip is to look back to the foods and drinks we enjoyed as youngsters. Not all of these will be as we remembered them. Some will have been discontinued. But every once in a while, it can be a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the things we liked as kids – as well as showing them to a whole new generation.

The candy we loved as children

As children, most of us probably had the thought “when I’m grown up, I’m going to eat candy all the time, not just when my parents say I can”. As we got older, we became keenly aware that that would have been a terrible idea; a balanced diet doesn’t just make sense for health reasons, it also allows for a range of nuanced delights. With that said, rediscovering some of the candy of your childhood is always worth doing; recalling our favorite chocolates, chips and chewing gum such as Bazooka Joe and their famous cartoons will always bring a smile to your face. Generally, they’re still as good as you remember them.

The soft drinks of our youth

Not all of the drinks we used to plague our parents to buy have aged all that well. Given the level of preservatives and additives some of them had, maybe some haven’t aged at all! Nonetheless, whether fizzy or still, there is sure to be a soft drink you drank all the time as a child, which you haven’t touched in years as your tastes have matured. Next time you have a bit of room for indulgence in your diet, why not crack open a can of something nostalgic? Just one can, though – the things our bodies could tolerate as kids can leave us feeling queasy now.

Make a midnight snack (for lunch)

Many of us can remember a time, perhaps a couple of decades ago now, when the “midnight snack” was the ultimate little luxury in life. Popular choices included a classic PB&J, an ice-cream float or one of many snacks you could pop in the toaster and – after a couple of minutes’ waiting – enjoy in the comfort of your bedroom. These days, we would advise not having these things so close to midnight if you want to get any sleep at all; but give them a try early in the day and you can be confident they’ll taste every bit as delicious now as then.

It’s for sure not a great idea to eat today the way you would have liked as a kid, but every once in a while, a nostalgic indulgence is a lot of fun.

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