Our Journey to Craft Blogging

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When it comes to blogging, I love what I do. I always have. Even before I knew exactly what direction I wanted this website to take, I still loved sharing my life with an audience, no matter how small. I liked building connections and a community. And, when starting out, I loved finding a moment of our regular day that might be relatable, funny, or sincere.

#ad Our Journey to Craft Blogging

In fact, before I started sharing our crafty things, I shared our simple, normal every day things. That’s what the first few years of this site consisted of. Moments like this bit when my oldest was still young enough to fear the unknown monsters in the dark:

So I told him I had a better idea. “Take this flashlight”, I instructed while walking him back to his room. “If you see something move, just shine it on whatever it is. It’ll disappear and you’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Every night since, he’s gone to sleep with that flashlight. But he hasn’t seen the stickman since.

As time went on, however, my kids’ stories became their own. I didn’t have a right to relay them. Blogging has always been an outlet that calms me, however. Putting a post together is usually how I relax at the end of the day, even when it’s work. So we found a less invasive way to bring some of our days to you by sharing our crafts.

To stay on top of blogging trends, I also tried to include some of our easy family recipes along the way, as well. But I quickly realized that I really don’t enjoy baking and cooking all that much. At least, not enough to blog it. And, with some picky kids, our menus don’t change too much. Though I do try to make our food fun whenever possible. Thus, we’ve narrowed down our niche to simply crafts. We love making them and we love sharing them.

#ad Our Journey to Craft Blogging

A few of our very first crafts we shared here were these Simple Skewer Stick Puppets, which I actually happen to adore because they were honestly, entirely, my son’s creation.

#ad Our Journey to Craft Blogging

I also love this Apple Paper Plate Lacing Craft. Yes, we started out loving lacing crafts and still love them now.

#ad Our Journey to Craft Blogging

Also, our Pipe Cleaner Butterflies with an adorable picture of my then 6 year old daughter.

Our first crafts that we posted on this site were made 5-6 years ago. A lot happens in 5-6 years. Especially in the inspiring world of blogging. Not only have we found our own personal style when it comes to our blog pictures since then, but my kids have grown before my eyes.

It’s hard to believe that sharing crafts would make for such a personal blogging experience, but I see my kids age through the pictures I’ve shared. And the pictures I’ve stopped sharing as they’ve gotten older, when we can now do hands only. At least I have those adorable pictures of my 6 year old daughter to look back on.

It’s safe to say that this site has grown as we have, from monsters under the bed then to fun Monster Bookmarks now. I’m so excited to see where it continues to lead in the years to come!

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