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Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft

This absolutely darling Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft of a mama panda holding her baby panda is guaranteed to be a craft that mom will love bear-y much. And so easy to put together, too!

Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft main image.

The fact is, our pandas are made mostly of circles. To make it even easier, we’ve included our Free Printable Mom Panda Template of the main body and head circles, as well as the arms. The rest of the circles are 1” and ⅝” which we made with paper punches.

Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft styled image.

Make a Panda Craft for Mother’s Day

To make our Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft you will need our panda template, black cardstock, white paper, googly eyes, a black sharpie and colorful markers, a glue stick, and scissors.

Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft supplies needed.

You will also need a 1” hole punch, as well as a ⅝” hole punch.

Paper Panda Craft Supplies Needed

  • Panda Template
  • White paper
  • Cardstock – black, background color of choice
  • Markers – black, color of choice
  • Googly eyes, medium and small
  • Hole punches – 1” and ⅝”
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Mother’s Day Panda Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the panda template on white paper.

White template circles.

Cut out the circles outside the black lines.

Panda arms, 1 inch, and 5/8 inch circles out of black cardstock.

Also, cut out the arm templates. Trace the arms on the black cardstock and cut out. You will also need 8 1” circles from the black cardstock and 4 ⅝” circles.

Glue body in place and ears behind head.

Now, glue the largest circle towards the bottom of the background cardstock. Take 2 of the 1” circles and glue behind the next largest circle for ears. Glue in place above the large circle.

Glue baby panda in place.

Next, glue the third largest circle in front of the largest circle. Glue 2 of the 1” black circles in place on the smallest circle for ears. And then position in place for the baby panda.

Glue noses in place.

Then, glue 2 of the ⅝” circles in position for noses.

Draw mouths with a black sharpie.

Use the black sharpie to draw a simple mouth.

Add black circles in place for eyes.

Now, glue 2 of the 1” circles in position where the eyes on the mama panda will be. Use the final 2 ⅝” circles in place for the eyes on the baby panda.

Glue googly eyes in the black circles.

And glue googly eyes in the black circles. The baby pandas eyes should be slightly smaller than the mama pandas.

Glue circles in place for feet.

Position the final 2 1” circles in place for feet.

Glue arms in place holding baby panda.

Glue the arms in place, holding her baby panda.

Draw hearts.

Finally, use markers to draw a few hearts around the mama and baby pandas.

Mama and Baby Panda Bear Craft.

Such a sweet way to show mom how bear-y panda-rific she is!

Panda Bear Mother’s Day Craft styled image.

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