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Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft

If this Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft was just the typical handprint craft then it would be cute enough. There’s nothing better than using our little one’s hands in a cute holiday project. Except when we also use our own for a mom and me layered handprint keepsake.

Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft main image.

That’s right moms, or dads, too. Use your own handprint along with your little one to form the wings of our beautiful, big paper bag eagle. This is the sweetest 4th of July craft!

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Use a Paper Bag to Make a Handprint Eagle Craft

Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft supplies needed.

To make our Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft you will need brown paper lunch bags, cardstock in white, brown, and yellow, medium googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick.

Handprint Eagle Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper lunch bags
  • Cardstock – brown, yellow, white
  • Googly eyes, medium
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Paper Bag Eagle Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by tracing the little one’s handprint on brown cardstock.

Trace handprints.

Then mom, or dad, traces their handprint on brown cardstock, as well. Double up the cardstock, because you’ll need 2 handprints of each size.

Cut out handprints.

And cut out the handprints.

Mark white paper to size of paper bag flap.

Now, on a white sheet of paper, mark to size the flap of the bag.

Cut out white rectangles.

Cut out. You will also need to cut out another of the same size, then make jagged edges along one side.

Glue one white rectangle to bag flap.

Glue the white sheet to the flap of the bag.

Cut jagged edges in the other white rectangle and glue under the flap.

And glue the white jagged edge piece under the flap.

Adult handprint on top, little one on bottom, and glue in place on side of bag.

Mom and me eagle handprint wings.

Next, glue the handprints to the side of the bag. The adult handprint on top with the littler handprint layered under it.

Cut beak and feet from yellow cardstock.

Then, cut a triangle beak and two feet from yellow cardstock.

Glue feet in place.

Glue the feet in place on the bottom of the bag.

Glue googly eyes and beak.

And glue googly eyes and the beak in place, as well.

Paper Bag Handprint Eagle.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore this July 4th Eagle Craft!

Paper Bag Handprint Eagle Craft styled image.

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