Paper Bag House Craft

We have a confession about a small obsession that our family hasn’t been very good at hiding. And when I say “small” obsession, I mean they’re small in size and my daughter loves them. In fact, she has hundreds. And this “small” obsession needed a neighborhood, which is easy to make with our Paper Bag House Craft.

Paper Bag House Craft

Yes, we are a family that has been taken over by Shopkins. Abby’s been steadily building up her collection of Shopkins for a few years, going through every season.

Shopkins-Sized Paper Bag Neighborhood Craft #MooseHolidays16 (ad)

So to go with her many, many Shopkins, we also made an entire Paper Bag House of just-the-right size houses and buildings perfect for her characters to mingle! They’re simple brown lunch paper bag structures that you can make in no time with lunch bags, cardstock, coloring utensils, scissors, and some tape.

Paper Bag House Craft

Supplies needed:

  • brown lunch paper bags
  • brown cardstock
  • coloring utensils (we used crayons and markers)
  • clear tape
  • scissors

First, cut the open end of a paper bag to whatever size you would like your neighborhood houses or buildings to be. Smaller for houses, or leave most of the bag in tact for an apartment or office building.

Then, use a marker, crayon or colored pencil to draw on windows. You’ll need to lift the folded flap of the bag to get the windows up high enough. Draw on a door, as well, and cut so that it folds open. Unfold the bag completely.

For the houses in our Paper Bag Neighborhood, make a roof by taking a piece of cardstock and cut in half width-wise. Decorate and color however you would like. Then, fold in half and stick on top of the bag using tape.

Paper Bag House Craft

You can also take extra strips of cardstock and glue on the inside of the sides of the bag for more stability.

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