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Paper Bag Squirrel Craft

I get so mad when people say squirrels are just rodents. But they’re so cute! Do you know what else is cute? This darling Paper Bag Squirrel Craft!

Paper Bag Squirrel Craft main image.

This craft is perfect for fall and all the cute bushy squirrel tails running through the leaf scattered forest. And it comes with a Free Printable Squirrel Template, too, so all you really need to do is cute and paste on a bag.

Paper Bag Squirrel Craft styled image.

Make a Squirrel Craft with a Paper Bag

To make our Paper Bag Squirrel Craft you will need our squirrel template.

Paper Bag Squirrel Craft supplies needed.

The remainder of the supplies include construction paper in brown, pink, and white, a brown paper lunch bag, black marker, glue stick, and scissors.

Paper Bag Squirrel Puppet Craft Supplies Needed

  • Squirrel Template
  • Construction paper – 3 shades of brown, pink, white
  • Brown paper bag
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Fall Squirrel Craft Step by Step Directions

Print the squirrel template. Cut out the pieces.

Squirrel template cut.

Trace the tail, body base, head, outer ear patterns and leg patterns on the medium shade of brown paper. The bottom side of the tail on dark brown paper and the belly pattern on the light brown paper. And the face pattern on the white paper. Also, trace the round blush shapes and inner ear patterns on the pink paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Glue tail patterns, and face patterns together.

Now, glue the bottom strip of the tail pattern along the bottom side of the main tail pattern. And glue the face cutout on the bottom side of the head cutout. As well, attach the inner ear patterns in the middle of the outer ear patterns.

Glue ears to head and blush patterns on face.

Next, glue the ear patterns on the top side of the head pattern and attach the pink blush cutouts on both cheeks of the papercraft squirrel’s head.

Draw eyes, nose, and mouth with black sharpie.

Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the squirrel.

Glue feet to open end of paper bag.

Then, glue the leg cutouts near the open side of the paper bag.

Glue body battern and tail in place.

Glue the body base cutout on the top side of the leg, covering the paper bag’s outer surface. Attach the tail pattern on either side of the paper bag.

Paper Bag Squirrels.

Finally, adhere the head pattern of the squirrel on the flap of the paper bag.

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