Paper Bag Uncle Sam Craft

There’s no doubt that this Paper Bag Uncle Sam Craft is just about the cutest Uncle Sam craft you can come up with! Perfect for July 4th celebrations as it’s so simple to make, too, with not much more than paper and the brown paper lunch bag.

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We do love paper bag crafts. They are one of our absolute favorite materials to base a craft on. For our Uncle Sam here, we turned the bag upside down from our normal flap at the top craft. He needs a big hat, though, and the main part of the bag is the perfect height for a big hat.

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paper bag uncle sam craft supplies

To make our Paper Bag Uncle Sam Craft you will need brown paper lunch bags, red, blue, and white paper, medium sized googly eyes, a black marker, a glue stick, and scissors.

Make this Paper Bag Uncle Sam

Supplies needed:

  • Paper bags
  • Colored paper – red, blue, white
  • Googly eyes, medium sized
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by flipping the bag so the flap is on the bottom.

red paper on brown paper lunch bag

Use the bag to help cut a sheet of red paper to the size to fit along the main part of the bag, including under the flap.

gluing red paper to brown paper lunch bag

Glue the red paper to the bag.

white paper strips

Cut 5 strips of white paper, about ½” wide.

white paper strips glued on red paper

Glue those vertically on the red paper.

larger blue paper strip

Now cut a strip of blue paper.

glued blue paper strip across the flap of brown paper lunch bag

Glue the blue strip along the top of the flap, over the bottom of the red paper with white stripes.

adhering googly eyes

Adhere googly eyes.

cut beard and mustache shapes from white paper

Cut a half circle from the white paper and simple mustache shape to fit under the eyes on the bag.

glued half circle beard

glued mustache shape

Glue the half circle beard. Then glue the mustache over the half circle.

simple mouth drawn with black marker

Draw a simple mouth where the mustache and half circle beard meet.

white stars along blue hat brim

And draw some stars on white paper, then cut out and glue along the blue strip hat brim.

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paper bag uncle sam craft main image on white background

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