Paper Bag Witch Craft

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It’s so much fun coming up with different ways to craft with kids, and around Halloween is definitely a great time to get creative. This Paper Bag Witch Craft uses two of our favorite crafting materials, paper lunch bags and yarn, while also getting to play with paint, for a result that’s truly bewitching!

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While paper bags and yarn are two of my personal favorite materials, kids just love any chance they get to play with paint. And who can blame them? You never know, their works of art today could turn into a masterpiece rich in history like the Isleworth Mona Lisa.

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The paper bags we’re painting for this craft is a great place for them to start on their journey toward crafting a masterpiece, too, with just two colors and lines clearly set. Though even if we’re not working with the next Leonardo Da Vinci, seeing their creativity and imagination spring to life is still exciting.

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paper bag witch craft supplies needed

To make our Paper Bag Witch Craft you will need brown paper lunch bags, green and black acrylic paint, orange yarn, green, black, orange, and purple cardstock, medium googly eyes, a single hole punch, a black sharpie, a glue stick, and scissors.

Make a Halloween Witch Craft from a Paper Bag

Supplies needed:

  • Paper bag
  • Acrylic paint – green, black
  • Cardstock – black, green, orange, purple
  • Orange yarn
  • Googly eyes, medium
  • Single hole punch
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by painting the paper bag.

top green paint

Paint the top flap green.

bottom black paint

Paint everything below black. Be sure to lift the flap and paint under it, too. Let dry.

holes punched

Once the paint is dry, punch holes along the top.

orange yarn through hole

Cut strands of orange yarn. Double up the strands, so they form a loop, and guide the loop through the hole.

orange yarn hair

Then bring the ends of the yarn through the loop and tighten at the hole.

orange yarn hair trim

orange yarn hair trimmed

Continue until all holes are filled. Then trim the strands. We made bangs with most, leaving a few long strands on the sides.

black triangle witch hat

Now cut a triangle witch’s hat from black cardstock. And cut a thin strip to fit across the hat from a colored piece of cardstock. We used orange and purple. Glue the strip to the hat.

witch hat glued

Then glue the hat across the top of the yarn.

green triangle folded

Cut a small, long triangle from the green cardstock for the nose. Accordion fold up to the tip.

nose glued and googly eyes

Adhere googly eyes. Then, glue the nose in place.

black sharpie mouth drawn

Draw a simple mouth with the black sharpie.

paper bag witch craft

There’s definitely no need to be scared of these witches. How cute! We love the yarn hair and how we get to give them haircuts, too. Great scissor practice, a fun craft to paint, and just a cute Halloween paper bag craft!

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paper bag witch craft styled image on white background

We hope you and your little artist love this craft as much as we do! Be sure to check out more of our Halloween crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

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