Paper Circle Penguin Craft

On a day when there’s snow falling on the ground outside, we’ve spent the day indoors making this adorable Paper Circle Penguin Craft!

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Yes, these penguins are made from a few more shapes than circles. It’s mostly circles, though. And if you have a set of paper punches that include a 2”, 1.5”, and ⅝”, then these penguins will be an absolute breeze. Not to mention so fun and cute!

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Paper Circle Penguin Craft supplies needed

To make our Paper Circle Penguin Craft you will need cardstock in assorted colors plus black, white, and orange, paper punches, craft sticks, small googly eyes, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make a Penguin Craft out of Simple Circles

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock – black, white, orange, assorted colors
  • Paper punches – 2″, 1.5″, 5/8″
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by punching circles from black and white cardstock or paper.

black and white circles

You will need two 2” black circles and two 1.5” white circles.

black circles glued

Glue the two black circles one on top of the other.

white circles glued in black circles

Then glue the white circles in the center of the black circles.

black circle for flippers

Now, punch one more 2” black circle.

flippers glued

Cut this circle in half and glue each half along the side for flippers.

color cardstock pieces cut

Next, punch a 2” circle from your choice of colored cardstock. You will also need to cut a strip from the colored cardstock, a smaller strip, and use the ⅝” punch to make 2 small circles.

scarf glued

Glue the longer strip in place for a scarf. And glue the smaller strip coming off of the longer strip.

circle cut in half and inside cut leaving edge

Cut the 2” colored circle in half. Cut out the inside of the half circle, leaving just an edge.

small circles glued to end of circle edge

Glue the two small circles to the ends.

earmuffs glued

And glue in place over the head for earmuffs.

eyes and beak

Now it’s time to adhere googly eyes. Also cut a small triangle from the orange paper and glue in place for the beak.

craft stick glued

Finally, glue the penguin to a craft stick so it’s easy to play and pretend with.

Paper Circle Penguins

Such a cute winter craft, and a wonderful way to continue learning about shapes, too.

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Paper Circle Penguin Craft styled image on white background

We hope you love this craft as much as we do! Be sure to find more winter craft ideas at Our Kid Things!

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