Paper Cone Giraffe Craft

Giraffes are some of our favorite animals. With their long necks and wobbly legs, they always appear as if they’re like the gentle giants of the wild. We had a lot of fun playing up those long features, too, with this adorable Paper Cone Giraffe Craft. With Free Printable Template, too!

Paper Cone Giraffe Craft main image.

There are a few animals that my 3 year old son is enamored with. Elephants and giraffes are at the top of the list. Thus, they’re our favorite animal crafting subjects these days. We especially love these paper cone giraffes because they’re so easy to create, and look cute every time!

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Make a Cone into a Paper Giraffe Craft

To make our Paper Cone Giraffe Craft you will need our Paper Cone Giraffe Template, construction paper in yellow, orange, and purple, black and orange fine-tip markers, scissors, and a glue stick.

Paper Cone Giraffe Craft Supplies Needed

Giraffe Paper Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing then cutting out the pieces from the template.

Cut out template pieces from colored construction paper.

Use the template to trace the cone, legs, head, and strips for the horns on yellow paper. Trace the hooves on purple paper, or you could use brown. And trace the mouth and small circles for the top of the horns on orange paper. Cut all the pieces out. Also cut a bunch of random sized circles from the orange paper for spots.

Glue mouth onto head and hooves to legs.

Now, glue the hooves to the bottom of the legs. Also, glue the mouth on the head.

Draw face with a black sharpie and add detail.

Glue the horns on top of the head. Use a marker to draw the eyes in black, then in orange draw the nostrils and mouth of the giraffe. You can also add detail around the ears.

Glue spots to legs.

Then, glue the giraffe’s spots on the feet. Cut some in half to place at the edges.

Wrap cone template to make cone, glue or tape in place.

Next, make the cone for the giraffe. Glue or tape in place to secure.

Cover cone in spots.

Glue more circular spots on the cone.

Glue head to cone.

Then, glue the giraffe’s head on top of the cone.

Glue feet to cone.

Finish the giraffe by gluing the it’s feet on the front bottom part of the cone.

Paper Cone Giraffe Craft styled image.

Pin this Craft!

Since giraffes are so fun to make any time of year, be sure to use the image below to save this craft to Pinterest so you can make for later, too!

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