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Paper Flower Wreath Craft

April showers bring May flowers. The rain has been here and I’m now so ready for the flowers. We’re looking forward to those blooms with our colorful Paper Flower Wreath Craft! A gorgeous spring craft that’s so lovely to make any time.

Paper Flower Wreath Craft main image.

We’ve included a Free Printable Flower Wreath Template to make creating this wreath even easier. While we used a ring of cardboard taken from a cereal box for our wreath form, you could also use a paper plate by cutting the inner circle.

Paper Flower Wreath Craft styled image.

Make a Spring Wreath with Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Wreath Craft supplies needed.

To make our Paper Flower Wreath Craft you will need our flower wreath template, construction paper in assorted bright spring colors, cardboard, scissors, twine, and a glue stick.

Paper Flower Wreath Craft Supplies Needed

  • Flower Wreath Template
  • Construction paper – assorted bright colors, green
  • Cardboard
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Spring Flower Wreath Craft Step by Step Directions

Print the template and cut out the pieces.

Flower wreath template pieces cut.

Choose your colors for the flowers. Two shades of each color work great, but make them any colors you wish. Tace the big flower pattern on one color paper and the small flower pattern on the other paper. Also, trace the small circle on yellow paper and the leaf patterns on green paper. Cut out the pieces.

Glue the flower pieces together.

Stick the small flower pattern in the center of the big flower pattern. Stick the small circle in the center of the small flower pattern.

Continue making different colored flowers.

Continue making paper flowers in different colors.

Cut circle wreath base from cardboard.

Now, cut your wreath base from cardboard. We used lightweight cardboard from a cereal box.

Glue flowers to wreath base.

Then, start gluing the paper flowers on the wreath base. Keeping the flowers close to each other but also keeping enough space to attach the paper leaves on the base.

Add paper leaves between flowers and add a loop of twine to hang.

Once you are done sticking the flowers and filling the wreath base, glue the green paper leaves in between the flowers. Finally, cut a string of twine and tape the back to hang.

Paper Flower Wreath Craft styled image.

Pin this Craft!

If you’d like to make this beautiful craft later, be sure to use the image below to save to Pinterest!

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