Paper Loop Bugs Craft

Bugs in real life? Not a fan. This super cute Paper Loop Bugs Craft? Definitely a fan! Perched on a jumbo craft stick, too, for more fun fluttering about.

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What’s so great about this craft is that you can really make your bugs any way you want. Cut a few strips of vibrant paper, glue in loops, then cut wings in any shape you want and decorate with colorful markers.

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Make a Colorful Bug Craft with Paper

To make our Paper Loop Bugs Craft you will need construction paper in assorted colors, markers in black and assorted colors, small googly eyes, jumbo craft sticks, scissors, and glue.

Paper Loop Bugs Craft supplies needed.

You can also use brown paint to paint the craft sticks.

Paper Loop Bugs Craft Supplies Needed

  • Construction paper – assorted colors
  • Markers – black, assorted colors
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Brown acrylic paint (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Paper Bugs Craft Step by Step Instructions

You can either leave the jumbo craft sticks as is or paint a deeper brown color. If painting, do this step first so it can dry.

Cut construction paper into strips.

Now, cut strips from the color construction paper for the main body. This is where you can start to make your bugs your own. How many strips you use is up to you. How big they are, etc. It’s up to you. Cut the strips in half because they don’t need to be that long.

Bring strips together in a loop and glue to secure.

Next, apply glue stick to one end of the paper strip and form a loop. Hold together to secure.

Continue for as many loops as your own bug needs.

Do the same with the other loop(s).

Cut wing shapes from another color of paper.

Then, cut wing shapes from another shade of construction paper. The best way to do this is to fold the paper in half and cut, so both the wings are the same size.

Cut a long V for the antennae from the same color construction paper as the wings.

You will also need to cut a long V shape from the same color as the wings.

Decorate the wings with markers.

Decorate the wings in whatever pattern you want with colorful markers. We also used a white and metallic silver pen for a bit of shimmer.

Glue wings to the top of a jumbo craft stick.

Now, glue the wings in place towards the top of the craft stick.

Glue body loop over the wings.

And glue the body loop over the wings, leaving space at the top of the craft stick.

Glue the antennae in place and glue the head loop over the antennae.

Glue the antennae in place at the top of the craft stick and stick the head loop over the body loop. And, if you’ve made more loops, glue those in place, as well.

Stick on googly eyes and draw a simple mouth with black marker.

Finish by adhering googly eyes. Self-adhesive googly eyes work best. Use the black marker to draw a simple mouth. Also, curl the ends the of the antennae with your fingers.

Make more colorful bugs.

Make more bugs in more shapes and colors!

Paper Loop Bugs Craft styled image.

These bugs make me so happy! The bugs outside? Still not so much.

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