Paper Loop Crabs

We’re rounding out the end of summer with another fun paper loop craft! These Paper Loop Crabs are so cute, and so easy to make, too!

paper loop crab craft main image on white background

We do love paper loop crafts lately. It’s a really fun way for the craft to “pop” off the page! Simply roll, staple, and create! It’s amazing what you can imagine with just a loop of paper.

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These crabs go great with our Paper Loop Pufferfish and our Paper Loop Sharks, too. If you want more crab crafts, we have those, as well. Like our Handprint Crab Craft and this darling Rock Crab Craft.

paper loop crab craft supplies needed

To make our Paper Loop Crabs you will need red and blue paper, we used different shades of blue. It also helps if the blue paper is heavier, like cardstock. The red paper should be lighter. Also needed are small googly eyes, a black marker, 1.5” hole punch, glue stick, a stapler, and scissors.

Paper Loop Crabs

Supplies needed:

  • Blue cardstock
  • Red paper
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Black marker
  • Stapler
  • 1.5” hole punch
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting the paper.

blue card

The blue needs to be cut in half.

red paper strip
The red paper should be cut in about thirds.

red paper loop stapled closed

Now roll up the strip of red paper. Staple closed on both ends.

red loop stapled to blue card

Staple the loop of red paper to the blue card, width-wise.

black marker drawn for eyes and pincers

Use the black marker to draw lines for the eyes and pincers.

black marker drawn legs

Also draw shorter legs along the side of the crab. We started with 3 legs, but a crab actually has 4 legs for a total of 10 including pincers. Your crab, your legs.

medium sized googly eyes on crab

Attach eyes to the top of the center two lines.

1.5 inch red circles

Punch 2 circles from the red paper with the hole punch.

crab pincers glue

Fold the circles in half and cut a V shape from the rounded part. Glue these to the top of the pincer lines.

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paper loop crab craft styled image on white background

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