Paper Loop School Bus

No matter how school may look this year, there are still some classic images of those back to school milestones. One of which is the school bus, whether we get to ride it or not. If your kids are ready to get on that bus, bring it to life with our Paper Loop School Bus Craft!

paper loop school bus styled image on white background

Who’s ready to get back to school? I think that question might usually be met with a few groans, but I think we’re all ready to go back these days. Whether we actually get to or not, that’s still the question. Until then, we make the most of the time we have.

paper loop school bus styled image on white background

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paper loop school bus craft supplies

To make our Paper Loop School Bus you will need cardstock in grey or silver, as well as construction paper in yellow and black, markers in yellow, red, light blue, and white, a 1” hole punch, a stapler, scissors, and a glue stick.

Make a Paper Loop School Bus

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock – grey, silver
  • Paper – yellow, black
  • Markers – yellow, red, light blue, white
  • 1” hole punch
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by cutting a yellow strip for the bus.

yellow paper cut in thirds

To get the right size, simply cut the yellow paper in thirds in the widest direction.

silver cardstock cut in half

Also cut your grey or silver cardstock base in half.

drawn red and blue marker rectangles

Draw a small rectangle with red marker on the back edge toward the center of the yellow strip. Make a light blue rectangle on the opposite edge, directly across from it, to make lights.

paper loop staple

Now roll your loop and staple in place.

black circle wheels glued in place

Punch 2 holes from the black paper with the 1” hole punch. Glue just the tops of the circles under the lights as shown above.

cardstock base drawn yellow road marks

Draw a road design on the grey or silver cardstock. Depending on the road color used, use either white or yellow.

paper loop stapled on cardstock base

Position the loop on the road with the wheels resting on the page. Staple in place.

black paper windows and door

Next, cut 4 small squares, a rectangle, and a strip from the black paper.

bus door

Glue the rectangle for the door.

bus windows

And glue the windows in place.

school 1 bus number

Finally, write your bus number or as we did, school #1, on the black strip with the white marker.

school 1 strip glued under bus windows

Glue in place under the windows.

finished paper loop buses

We love how these paper loop crafts just pop off the page!

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paper loop school bus styled image on white background

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paper loop school bus pin image

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