Paper Loop Skeleton Craft

You know how it is when you have a really super great craft that you just can’t wait to share? I can’t wait! I absolutely adore how this 3D Paper Loop Skeleton Craft turned out. There’s not much more here than black and white paper, but it’s so spook-tacularly fun you don’t need a lot of color.

paper loop skeleton craft main image

Skeletons are such a fun Halloween decoration idea. That’s just a given. We had a life size skeleton for the longest time that we’d place in front of various windows. His name was Steve. I’m not sure whatever happened to him. But short story, we get a kick out of skeletons.

paper loop skeleton styled image on white background

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paper loop skeleton craft supplies needed

For our Paper Loop Skeleton Craft you will need black and white paper. Regular printer-style paper is best, especially when it comes to the white paper. You can use black cardstock if you want for a sturdier base, but not necessary. Also, black and white markers, scissors, and a glue stick. Such an easy skeleton craft, too!

Make a 3D Skeleton Craft with Paper

Supplies needed:

  • Paper – black, white
  • Markers – black, white
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by forming your pieces.

black card base

You will need to cut the black paper in half.

white paper strips

Now, cut strips out of the full width of the white paper. You will need 4 thin strips. You will also need one larger-width strip. Cut all the strips in half. We cut a few extras, too, just in case.

paper strip lengthwise in center of paper

Glue one of the thin strips in the center of the black paper for the spine.

hip and collarbone strips

Cut one of the strips in half again and glue in place for the collarbone and hips.

small arms and legs paper pieces

Then, cut 2 of the strips in half, then in half again. These are the arms and legs.

paper loop skeleton rib

paper loops

Next, take 3 of the longer strips and glue only along the center of the spine. Bring the strips up into a loop and glue the ends together.

black marker drawn skeleton face

Now, form a skeleton mouth and eyes in the center of the larger-width strip of white paper.

skeleton face paper loop

Bring the ends together into a loop and glue together. Then glue at the top of the top of the spine.

white marker drawn skeleton fingers

Finally, finish the skeleton by forming fingers and feet with the white marker.

paper loop skeletons

Position the feet and arms in different positions and see what you can make your skeletons do!

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paper loop skeleton craft styled image on white background

There’s nothing spooky here! We love this 3D paper craft and hope you will, too. And be sure to check out more of our Halloween crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

paper loop skeleton craft pin image

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