Paper Plate Crayon Resist Jack-O-Lantern

We couldn’t wait to start Halloween crafting! This Paper Plate Crayon Resist Jack-O-Lantern Craft is so quick and easy, we’ll be making plenty of them between now and the day of Halloween.

crayon resist jack-o-lantern main image on white background

Have you tried crayon resist watercolor painting yet? It’s a really fun way to paint, and the end result is always a surprise because you normally use a white crayon. However, for this craft and for little ones, we also used a color crayon called Sandy Beach. It’s a really light tan color. That way the kids can see the face they’re creating, and the result still turns out the same.

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crayon resist jack-o-lantern craft supplies

To make our Paper Plate Crayon Resist Jack-O-Lantern Craft you will need regular white paper plates, watercolor paints, and either a white or very light colored crayon. Three supplies, it doesn’t get any easier!

Paper Plate Crayon Resist Jack-O-Lantern

Supplies needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Watercolors
  • Light colored crayon

Begin with a dinner sized regular white paper plate.

face drawn with light tan crayon

Draw a jack-o-lantern face with the crayon, either a very light color or white, in the center of the paper plate.

orange watercolor paint

Now get your watercolors ready. Begin painting the plate, including over the crayon, with the orange watercolor.

finished orange jack-o-lantern

We mixed just a touch of red with ours to make a deeper orange color.

crayon resist watercolor jack-o-lanterns

This craft is so simple and fool-proof! It makes such a great way for even the littlest ones to have fun decorating for the Halloween season!

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crayon resist jack-o-lantern styled image on white background

We hope you love this ideas as much as we do! Be sure to check out more of our fun Halloween crafts at Our Kid Things!

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