Paper Plate Leaf Turkey Craft

After you finish jumping in a pile of colorful fall leaves, bring a few inside and get to crafting this darling Paper Plate Leaf Turkey Craft! Such a great way to commemorate the fall season while celebrating Thanksgiving, too.

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A long time ago, one of our very first crafts was our CD Fall Leaf Turkey Craft. It’s still one of my personal favorites, but how many people have CDs anymore? They’re kinda like dinosaurs now. And so we switched it up with a paper plate instead. Same idea, though.

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To make this Paper Plate Leaf Turkey Craft you will need paper plates, fall leaves, brown acrylic paint, large googly eyes, paper in orange and red, scissors, stapler, and a glue stick.

Make a Paper Plate Turkey Craft with Fall Leaves

Supplies needed:

  • Leaves
  • Paper plate
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Paper – orange, red
  • Googly eyes, large
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick

Begin by painting a paper plate.

paper plates painted brown

We used a couple different shades of brown paint, because we were making more than 1 turkey. Let the paint dry.

stems cut from leaves

Now, take a bunch of fall leaves and cut off the stems. You’ll need about 7 or 8 leaves per turkey.

fall leaves stapled

fall leaves stapled

Staple the leaves around the top half of the plate. Freshly fallen leaves that aren’t yet crunchy work best.

large googly eyes

Glue on extra large googly eyes.

large beak and snood

Fold a piece of orange paper in half. Any kind of orange paper. Construction paper, cardstock, regular paper. As long as it’s orange. Fold in half then cut a large triangle to form a big beak. Also cut a snood from the red paper. Glue both in place.

paper plate leaf turkeys

Gobble gobble! These turkeys are so cute, there’s no point to squabble! What else rhymes with gobble?

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paper plate leaf turkey craft styled image on white background

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