Paper Plate Raccoon Craft

Are you ready to have a lot of fun with this cute and rather simple Paper Plate Raccoon Craft? All you really need is a paper plate and some yarn for the mask.

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Raccoons are rather adorable, aren’t they? I mean, when the real live ones aren’t digging through your trash or threatening to attack or anything. They’re like ninjas, masks and all. For the masks on this craft, we added a bit of color with the yarn used. We still kept the colors darker, but a bit of blue, green, and dark purple just makes them pop. If you have black yarn, though, that’s great, too.

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For more rascally raccoons, also check out our Cardboard Roll Raccoon Craft and this Simple Shape Raccoon Craft. They make such a cute craft subject, perfect for either back to school craft or a fun fall craft.

paper plate raccoon craft supplies

To make this Paper Plate Raccoon Craft you will need a white dinner size paper plate, yarn, a single hole punch, 1.5” circle punch, grey acrylic paint, large googly eyes, black paper, a glue stick, and scissors.

Paper Plate Raccoon Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Yarn – black, blue, purple, green
  • Black paper
  • Grey acrylic paint
  • Single hole punch
  • 1.5” circle punch
  • Googly eyes, large
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Paint the paper plate grey.

paper plate painted grey

Let the paint dry.

4 hole punches on side of plate

Once the paint is dry, make 4 holes on the side of the plate, towards the center of the plate. Make 4 holes on the opposite side, as well.

yarn end taped to back of paper plate

Gather a long strand of yarn. Tape one end on the back side of the plate. We also like to tape the other end of the plate, as well, so it’s easier to lace through the holes without fraying.

blue yarn lacing

Now begin lacing across the 4 holes. Once finished, tape the final end to the back of the plate.

large googly eyes glued on yarn

Apply large googly eyes in the middle of the yarn.

triangle ears and circle nose cut from black paper

Out of the black paper, cut 2 triangles and use the 1.5” circle punch to make a large circle for the nose.

raccoon paper ears glued

Glue the ears in place behind the plate.

black circle nose glued on the bottom center of plate

And the nose in the center bottom of the plate.

finished paper plate raccoons on craft table

These raccoons are sure to steal your heart!

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paper plate raccoon craft styled image on white background

How truly adorable! And great for hand/eye coordination, as well. We hope you love this craft as much as we do. Be sure to check out more of our fun fall crafts for kids, from fall animals to apple trees, at Our Kid Things!

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