Paper Plate Sloth Craft

Who doesn’t love a sloth? They’re just so cute, and quite funny. And, well, slow. I mean, what’s the rush, anyway? There should be a rush to make this darling Paper Plate Sloth Craft, though, because it’s just too adorable not to.

paper plate sloth craft styled image on white background

There’s nothing complicated about this sloth craft, and I’m pretty sure that’s just how any sloth would want it. It’s a great craft to complete together and hang around a room just because they’re cute, as a reminder to take it easy, or as a fun way to say hang around awhile.

paper plate sloth craft styled image on white background

We’ve made these really sweet Sloth Cards before, as well, as a cute way to tell mom to take it easy on her day. They’re fun to make any time, though, and go great with this paper plate craft, too. Be sure to check out all of our animal crafts!

paper plate sloth craft supplies

To make our Paper Plate Sloth Craft you will need paper plates, brown or grey acrylic paint, cardstock in cream, brown, grey, and green, a black and green marker, stapler, glue stick, and scissors.

Make this Paper Plate Sloth Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic paint – brown, grey
  • Cardstock – cream, brown, grey, green
  • Markers – black, green
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting a paper plate in half.

half of a paper plate painted brown

Paint the plate the sloth color. We made brown sloths and grey sloths. For these directions, we’re making a brown sloth. Let the paint dry.

cut out inside of half of paper plate leaving ridged edge

Cut out the inner part of the plate.

brown painted paper plate cut out circle

From the piece that was cut out, cut out a circle.

circle traced on cream color cardstock

cream colored cardstock cut inside the lines

Trace that circle on the cream cardstock. Cut out inside the lines so it’s smaller than the painted circle.

painted brown paper plate circle glued to paper plate

Staple the painted circle to the plate as shown.

cream colored cardstock glued inside painted brown circle

Then glue the cream circle inside the painted circle. We did it this way so it covered up some of the staples.

rounded on end rectangle strips for sloth eyes

simple half circle sleepy eyes drawn on sloth craft

Cut out two rectangles from the brown cardstock that are rounded on one end. Draw simple sleepy eyes with a black marker.

brown cardstock eyes glued on sloth craft

Glue the eyes on the cream circle.

sloth craft nose and mouth black marker detail

Draw a nose and mouth with the black marker.

sloth craft toes black marker detail

Also make 3 toes with the black marker on the ends of the paper plate.

brown cardstock cut rectangular strip

Now, cut out a long strip from brown cardstock.

cut out green paper leaves

Cut some leaf shapes out of the green cardstock.

sloth craft stapled to brown paper limb

Staple the sloth’s feet to the brown strip.

green marker detail on green paper leaves

Draw details on the leaves with the green marker. And glue in place around the limb.

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paper plate sloth styled image on white background

We absolutely adore this craft and hope you will, too! Be sure to check out more of our animal crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

paper plate sloth craft pin image

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