Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

Sometimes all you need is the most simplest of supplies to create a stunning craft. For instance, our Paper Plate Spider Web Craft needs not much more than paint and a paint marker. The spider is even made from a thumbprint, too, for a really fun and easy Halloween craft!

paper plate spider web craft main image

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of spiders. Simple thumbprint spiders that are this cute and sweet, though, I gladly make an exception for. So not only is this a great Halloween craft for kids, but it’s also a fun keepsake. And they look really cute hanging in the window, like we have ours.

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paper plate spider web craft supplies needed

To make our Paper Plate Spider Web Craft you will need paper plates, acrylic paint in black and other assorted colors, a black paint marker, and small googly eyes. No scissors or glue required!

Make a Paper Plate Spider Web with Thumbprint Spider

Supplies needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Acrylic paint – black, assorted colors
  • Black paint marker or sharpie
  • Googly eyes, small

Begin by painting a paper plate in your color of choice.

paint paper plate

We used grey, yellow, and light blue for ours. Let the paint dry completely.

draw spider web lines with marker

Once the paint is dry, begin forming the lines for the web. We used a black paint marker for this. I like that it leaves a shiny effect when caught by the light. A sharpie would work as well, though. The beginning shape should be like a pie.

draw lines connecting the lines

Then form lines connecting the pie pieces.

black thumbprint spider

Now, dip your thumb into black paint and press along the webs.

small googly eyes

Before the paint dries, carefully position 2 small googly eyes. If you prefer to wait for the paint of the thumbprint to dry, you may then need glue or use self-adhesive googly eyes.

draw spider legs

Draw spider legs with the black paint marker.

paper plate spider webs

These spiders will definitely keep you tangled in their enchanted web wanting to make more! Hang in a window or along a mantle for a fun decoration!

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paper plate spider web craft styled image on white background

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