Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft

I have to say, we just adore this Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft. It’s a bit different than the normal black and white penguin, but everyone needs some color every now and then. Especially when it shines so pretty in a wintery window.

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft main image.

We’ll call this the super happy disco penguin, who just had to break out his flashy, colorful tuxedo for the occasion. He’ll go back to his black and whites tomorrow. So fun and such a perfect winter craft.

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft styled image.

Make a Colorful Paper Plate Penguin Suncatcher

To make our Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft you will need a paper plate, clear contact paper, black paint, tissue paper in assorted colors, medium sized googly eyes, black and yellow cardstock, scissors, and glue.

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft supplies needed.

We used “designer” paper plates, because it’s what we had on hand and I’m all for using what we already have. However, the regular flimsy paper plates would work best. While our “designer” plates are sturdier, they have a waxy coating which makes painting evenly a bit more taskful.

Paper Plate Penguin Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper plate
  • Clear contact paper
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Tissue paper – assorted colors
  • Cardstock – black, yellow
  • Googly eyes, medium
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Suncatcher Penguin Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by painting a paper plate black.

Paint paper plate black.

Let the paint dry completely.

Cut circle from center of paper plate.

Once the paint is dry, have an adult cut a circle from the bottom center of the paper plate. You want to leave room for the eyes and beak.

Cut two circles of clear contact paper to fit.

Now, take the piece you just cut from the paper plate and use it as a template to cut two slightly larger circles from the clear contact paper.

Stick one contact paper circle to back of paper plate.

Stick one of the contact paper circles to the back of the paper plate.

Stick squares of colorful tissue paper on the contact paper.

Then, cut a bunch of squares of tissue paper and stick on the contact paper.

Stick other circle of contact paper on top to seal.

When the circle is full of tissue paper, stick the other contact paper circle on top to seal it all in.

Cut beak, feet, and flippers out of cardstock.

Next, cut a triangle beak and two feet from the yellow cardstock. Cut two flippers from black cardstock.

Glue googly eyes and beak.

Glue googly eyes and beak in place.

Glue flippers on side of plate.

And glue the flippers in place on the side of the plate, as well.

Glue feet to the bottom of the plate.

Glue the feet, too, to the bottom of the plate.

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin in window.

Finally, stick your colorful penguin in a window and watch it shine with the sun!

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft.

We love this craft and really hope you do, too!

Paper Plate Suncatcher Penguin Craft styled image.

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